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COPD patient treated with stem cells

Client: Dan Smoot

Country: United States

My name is Dan Smoot, I’m from the United States, but currently I’m living in Liverpool, England. I realized that I had this problem, the COPD, probably about 3 and a half — 4 years ago. I was having shortness of breath and I was losing energy. And I didn’t have it really diagnosed until about a year and a half ago. And they gave me inhalers, which essentially all they do is mask the problem. They don’t have any real cure, from what I’ve heard there was no real cure for any damage done to the lungs. And I just stumbled upon this place by accident. I was just surfing one day on the web and it popped up. And I’m glad it did because I’ve never been to a place before that really explains it, everything, as clearly as they do here. I was really impressed with that and it makes a big difference, you know. And after going through everything with them it gives me a lot more hope in the future and makes me wanna quit smoking, which is the main thing that I have to do first, which I’m just about there I think. And with the stem cell treatment you do have a chance of getting your quality of life back, that’s the main thing that I really like about this. People are very nice here and I didn’t have any problems and they make very good coffee too. Haha! Oh, I had to throw that in!

So hopefully we’ll see each other again in a few months time.

Hopefully, hopefully we’ll see each other in a few months, because I may come back here and also have some dental work done and I’ll definitely be stopping by to see you again.

Looking forward to seeing you again!


Thank you!

No problem!

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