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Ischemic Stroke first check-up after treatment

Client: Cardillo

Country: Italy


Hello, how are you feeling?


How are you?


Say ‘good’.

We are glad to see you again. So, would you like to tell us a bit about your story, in short, about the disease, how did you find out about our clinic, how was the treatment… Here we are in Belgrade again, for the first check-up after the treatment in our hospital.

Yes, so, she had a stroke, and after that physiotherapy and many other different things that didn’t give any results. We found out about the clinic through a friend… It seems that… There are improvements, little ones, but still improvements. It is noticeable, little by little, day by day.

What were the first things you noticed in your wife, what kind of improvements?

She was unable to stand up before, she couldn’t stand on her own… And now yes, we saw that she can stand up and stand for a while, make a few steps with the help of walking stick, occasionally she says a few words spontaneously, and if somebody says something to her first, she repeats it, which wasn’t the case before. Those are the improvements I saw, but little by little it seems that…

There are improvements…

There are significant improvements… But of course, it still needs to be…

Worked on it…

Worked on it, but improvements are evident.

After the treatment in our clinic, how did you continue? Did you follow our advices?

Of course!

As far as I know, you listen to everything we advised, what did you do?

Yes, yes, after the treatment she spent 2 months in one rehabilitation clinic, where she was recovering.


Yes, physiotherapy… And yeah, we came here again now. She followed the medical therapy completely, both yours and the one she had before.

What would be you massage for people who’ve been through the same situation with stroke, as your wife?

To try it, to try it because it’s worth it.

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