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Stroke treatment results after 4th Stem Cell therapy

Client: Carl Ayres

Country: UK

Hello! My name is July. My son Carl had a stroke two and a half years ago back in Britain. He’s done very well after the stroke but there was more improvement to be made.

So, after the British people said he couldn’t have any more therapy because the funding had run out, we brought him to Moscow for stem cell treatment. The first time he had (the first lot of treatment) done, he was able to eat – Carl couldn’t eat.

The second time we had it done, he was able than to have lumps and start chewing. There was a lot of improvement in his strength, his speech was coming along. So, then we went back to Britain and he had physiotherapy there which helped a great deal.

The third time we brought him back to Moscow we saw massive changes. He was than able to lift his legs slightly, by himself. His right arm got a lot stronger, his breathing, coughing, sneezing – he couldn’t do any of that.

So than we decided that we would bring him back for more stem cells treatment, so we are now in Serbia and his having more treatment now. We’ve noticed that he can now balance himself on the bed with his feet of off the floor which he couldn’t do. He can now lift his left arm up and down like this and he couldn’t do that. He is … back home he is able with his right arm to water his garden with a hose, hold it and lift up which takes a lot of time to do for carl, but he is able to do that. He can now bite into a burger – he couldn’t bite but he can do that. He can eat toast, so I used to have to cut it small pieces. Now I just give him toast and he can pick it up and eat it.

The therapy is just absolutely fantastic. It’s just…it’s amazing, absolutely amazing. So, Carl’s left arm wasn’t any good at all but after he’s had therapy he can lift it up to the back of his head, bring it back down. His legs…he is able now to lift his leg up and over on to the bad and…right leg obviously stronger than his left leg – but he can lift that now. Yesterday he was saying: “Mom”, “Dad”, now: good words! He was saying really good words yesterday. The change is unbelievable. I mean he is so much stronger in himself, we noticed that he is staying up a lot longer. So, everything…in his body, in his toileting – that has changed completely. He couldn’t hold to go to the toilet. It had to be now. Now he can wait a good twenty minutes to go to the toilet. He couldn’t do that. He is so much stronger. So much stronger in himself. It is quite unbelievable, it really is.

I’m seeing improvements, even this morning. I mean, he is picking…I used to have to put his toothpaste on his brush and give him the toothbrush. He is now…I put the toothpaste on but he is able to pick the toothbrush up, put it back down, pick the water up and gurgle. He couldn’t do that. So that’s in a matter of what – eight days – he is now doing that.

So, there is such improvement, and we will keep going! We will. It’s taken awhile. It’s taken a long time, but it’s worth it. It is well worth it. Cause we’ve seen improvements all the time.

Carl played poker at home and he couldn’t hold the cards. He would pick them up and have to put them down. He can now hold the cards while he is playing. So, you know, normal things that we are seeing. You know, he can now turn the lights on and off by lifting his arms and pressing the light switch. He couldn’t do that. He can control his heating. He couldn’t do that.

You know that is just such a change. Simple things, very simple things that we take for granted you know, but things he is able to do that he could not do before this therapy. A massive change. Massive. He couldn’t sit, at the beginning, he couldn’t sit in his chair for half an hour. Now he sits for eight hours, in his chair – fine. So, fatigue and tiredness have improved. Fantastic. And the sleeping – that’s improved, so he sleeps right through the night, whereas before he was waking up to go to the toilet, so the toileting is so under control, you know, things like that that you don’t…i suppose you don’t think of things like that but when you’re going through it, it’s unbelievable the changes. Very good, very good, very happy.

Three months ago, I would wash his hair in the shower, and he wasn’t able to hold his head back long enough for me to do the whole hair wash without him choking. So this here…if he went like that, it would be a split second and he was choking. Now, hold it back, I wash the hair, shampoo and he is fine. So that’s a big, big improvement. His facial expression had changed. So, he looked at me as if to say: Don’t do that. Now…that is just…I mean his smile; the whole face is just completely changed. All of the expressions. He can lift his eyebrows, which he couldn’t-t do that. His tongue is coming out further, and he can go side to side with his tongue…Things like that. And obviously that helps with the eating, that’s why he is eating so much better, lumps and things like that, so the swallow is so much better.

He was 24-hour care. When he first came home he was constant, all the time… We had to turn the tv over. We had to turn the light on and turn it off. Because he was always in bed. So, since the treatment, he is now able to sit in his chair. If he wants the heating on, he goes and turns it on. So it’s not so demanding on the family. Then I put him to bad at night I don-t have to worry that he is going to ring me, cause that’s how we communicate, in two-three o clock in the morning: he wants the light on or he wants this, because he can do it himself. You know it-s a massive change, massive change. And even in him sitting up. He is sitting up better. Obviously, this is to do with physio as well, you know, but the stem cells have helped him able to do that, you know, because we were told in England after…10 months after carl had the stroke that he would stay the way he is. And that wasn’t good. That was not good. And I said no, no, he can’t stay like that, he couldn’t anything and that’s when I looked up. Well, a friend of mine actually told me about stem cells. Then I looked into it all, and from then on this is where all the improvements…Because they told me, he won’t get any better than he is.

I wouldn’t give up. I will not give up. You know, even if…You guys tell me that he won’t walk again, I want give up! And I know you here will do everything you can to help Carl, you know. And I know he will walk! I know he will. I’m not saying that he would run or play football, but I know he will walk. I know you guys will have him walking.

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