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Belgrade Swiss Medica Clinic

Swiss Medica Clinic located in Belgrade specializes in neurodegenerative diseases, helping the patients improve their symptoms drastically with stem cell treatment. The clinic position is especially convenient for any European resident, because it is well connected to all cities and quickly accessible by airplane.

Our clinic brought stem cell treatment to a completely new level, meaning that we create and customize each treatment for a specific patient. We understand that symptoms, age, progression of a disease, gender, health conditions, medical history etc vary and are unique to every individual, therefore we take time to learn each detail about our patients in order to form a treatment combination that is perfectly suitable.

We are always following the new discoveries and incorporating them into our procedures, as well as contributing in the stem cell findings ourselves. Our team of professionals consists of only the highest experts from all around the globe, that united their knowledge, power, wisdom and forces to help patients get a second chance and improve their quality of life in the way that it was never before possible. With more than 15 years of experience in this field and 30 extremely skilled medical experts, we offer the best treatment option on the market. By always being an inevitable part of the various medical and stem cell conferences worldwide , we have proven that our involvement in this revolutionary discovery is very important.


Our staff

Name: Nikolay
Experience: Over 35 years experience
Qualification: CMO

Name: Igor
Experience: Over 20 years experience
Qualification: Stem cell specialists

Name: Rikardo
Experience: Over 16 years experience
Qualification: Anesthesiologist

Name: Sergey
Experience: Over 16 years experience
Qualification: Neurologists

Name: Ivan
Experience: Over 15 years experience
Qualification: Physiotherapist

Name: Katya
Experience: Over 15 years experience
Qualification: Psychiatrist

Name: Mira
Experience: Over 10 years experience
Qualification: Psychologist

Name: Christin
Experience: Over 10 years experience
Qualification: Nurse

Name: Sandra
Experience: Over 10 years experience
Qualification: Nurse

Stem cell treatment advantages

  • - Improves patient’s quality of life
  • - Alleviates acute and chronic diseases
  • - Helps to cure and prevent disease
  • - Reduces costs through avoiding unnecessary surgery and lifelong dependency on chemical treatment
  • - Is safe and does not cause any side-effects
  • - Is not only concerned with the symptoms of illness, but eliminates the root causes
  • - Enables the patient to make an active contribution to the healing process

Stem cells therapy


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