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About SwissMedica

Our vision is that we will never bow down to disease and will never be satisfied with the treatment outcomes, thereby constantly working on their improvement. It all started in 2011 in Lugano, when a group of scientists, doctors-inventors and a Swiss businessman met at the conference. They all had a desire to start a project to fight age-related diseases through regenerative medicine. Scientists’ ideas were based on possibilities of regenerative medicine, and businessman wanted to realize his dream – to start a business that would help people.

As a result, after several meetings, it was decided to create a company with the name Swiss Medica XXI century Swiss means Swiss quality, Swiss approach to medicine, openness, honesty, quality, responsibility, clarity, international experience XXI century — means that company will always be open to new ideas and trends in medicine in order to improve the results of treatment.
The main challenge was whether it was possible to follow Science based medicine and Personal medicine. Now the main office of the company is located in Goldach, Switzerland, in the canton of St. Gallen.

Swiss Medica today

We started with regenerative therapy in Switzerland, but then realized that we need clinics in other countries. Considering that Switzerland is expensive country, not everyone could afford treatment there. Also, we were limited in the possibilities of using the methods of treatment, which affected the results so our next step was to open clinics in Serbia and Moscow. After that, one more clinic, specialized in the treatment of Diabetes and nutritional and metabolic disorders was opened in Slovenia.

Each clinic is specialized in different types of diseases and conditions.

Our plan is to open clinics in the USA and Asia (Thailand, South Korea, India)

We started with medical tourism, but soon became disillusioned with that as we could not influence the quality of treatment. One of ingenious methods was treatment with Stem Cells.

At the beginning we started with one product and soon after we had 11 types of cell products. After a while we realized that therapy only with stem cells is not enough. The results were not as effective as we wanted to be, so we introduced some additional methods, such as classical medicine, physiotherapy and different rehabilitation methods. It is necessary to combine all possible treatment methods if you want to achieve the best results and get progress in the patient’s condition.

And most importantly is our main conception — Mitochondrial Theory of Aging, which is the basis of our treatment.


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