VIP Treatment at Swiss Medica: One-patient Clinic

VIP treatment is extremely specialized and personalized; it aims to achieve a higher success rate in the treatment of various diseases, even in the most severe cases where previous interventions have failed. It also includes an in-depth diagnosis to help identify the root of the problem. The clinic provides access to the world’s TOP-rated doctors, methods and medicines. In addition, it offers special treatment conditions, confidentiality, safety, and adaptability to the needs of the patient.

VIP treatment is not limited to standard treatment and diagnostic schemes. It also uses advanced methods that are not commonly available elsewhere. Even in cases of a serious and/or incurable disease, we apply progressive therapies to stabilize the condition and use innovative methods to prevent deterioration of health and preserve the quality of life as much as possible.

Patients coming for VIP treatment include famous people from all over the world: politicians, athletes, public figures, top managers, actors, and businessmen, as well as their loved ones. They receive VIP service, according to the principles of a one-patient clinic, which also means an individual room with increased comfort. If required, the medical team can even come to the client’s location for the treatment, bringing along all the necessary equipment and specialists.

How does VIP treatment differ from standard treatment?

VIP treatment includes the following aspects:

  • In-depth diagnostic tests in order to make the correct diagnosis, and to identify the exact cause of the problem where standard diagnostic methods fail.
  • Treatment according to advanced protocols which were previously only available to a few. This includes the use of rare therapeutic methods, such as regenerative medicine (for example, the use of stem cells and cell-based products), intracellular metabolism recovery (IMR) therapy, and the prescription of rare drugs and their combinations.
  • Designing personalized medicines, for each patient’s case, in the world’s top-ranked laboratories. 
  • The involvement of the world’s best doctors and scientists, among them the holders of international certificates and prizes. They work together as a team, involved in the VIP treatment of a single patient. The team of doctors is always available, and can even give consultations after the patient has been discharged. 
  • The team of specialists is able to arrive at any location in the world. Treatment can be carried out where it is convenient for the patient, or in the location where the best result can be expected for a particular case.

What conditions can be treated

The clinic employs specialists for the treatment of any diseases, including autoimmune, neurological, cardiovascular, musculoskeletal, endocrinological, and digestive diseases.

Specialists are also employed to treat rare genetic pathologies and incurable illnesses; in these cases, the treatments aim to achieve an improvement in the condition, the preservation of quality of life and an increase in life expectancy. 

VIP treatment does not only focus on identifying and eliminating health problems. It also provides a set of medical measures aimed at improving cognitive performance, physical and intellectual endurance (known as biohacking), and sports performance (in athletes). There are also therapies used to prevent various diseases, as well as to prevent the effects of ageing.

 As a person gets older, signs of ageing and symptoms of age-related diseases can appear, which negatively affect the ability to live a full life. The most common of these are a decrease in activity, memory impairment, chronic pain, decreased potency, and deterioration in appearance. VIP treatment can improve the mental and emotional state, increase energy level, prolong the appearance of youthful features, provide a return in potency, and improve cognitive function and overall well-being.

Treatment process

Firstly, a patient will be interviewed by the clinic’s doctors after a preliminary assessment of his or her case. Next, a treatment plan will be drawn up. It will be discussed with the patient and adapted to his or her specific needs. Here’s what the VIP treatment process looks like:

  1. Initial consultation with doctors, in person or online, to evaluate the health problem and discuss the anticipated results of treatment.
  2. Diagnostics and preparation of a treatment program with a team of world-class medical experts.
  3. Presentation of the treatment plan and expected results to the patient.
  4. Organization of the treatment process. Performing the recommended procedures, provision of the necessary medications, along with diagnostic control of their effectiveness.
  5. Evaluation of the result and recommendations for further health care.

After the treatment, the patient keeps in touch with the doctors for any necessary health advice. This helps to control the health condition and maintain the results achieved.

Additional VIP services

VIP treatment also includes the following services:

  • provision of full support for the patient, involving security, driver and interpreter, if required;
  • accommodation in a personal VIP residence with round-the-clock monitoring by the doctors;
  • meals on an individual menu, taking into account medical recommendations and/or the wishes of the patient;
  • strict anonymity and the preservation of confidentiality of any information.

Contact us

Book a consultation to discuss options and methods within the VIP treatment program, as well as services, costs and expected outcomes for your particular case.

VIP Treatment at Swiss Medica: One-patient Clinic
Dr. Aleksandra Fetyukhina, MD

Medical Advisor, Swiss Medica doctor

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