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Stem Cells ALS new treatment

Client: Ivan

Country: Bulgaria

Hello! Can you tell us where do you come from and what was the diagnoses when you came here to be treated?

– My name is Ivan and I come from Sofia, Bulgaria. I was diagnosed by Bulgarian doctors with ALS.

When was your first diagnose?

– One year ago. The first symptoms were fasciculations in muscles. First in the hands and then all over the body. And paralysis of the right leg. I have a drop leg, and slowly, slowly, the paralysis went up and all the body began to weaken. These were the first symptoms.

What did the doctors say? What kind of therapy and medications did they recommend?

– In Bulgaria it is very difficult, so we looked through the internet and we first went to the Israel. So I had stem cell transplantation there. It was 2 months ago and the results were prolonged at the time, so they said that I must wait 3 months before there are some results. But before this, we saw on the internet Swiss Medica. The site is very informative, we were interested in what you do here. So we made appointment and in December last year we came here and I was examined very precisely by doctor Sergey.

Our doctor neurologist. At the consultation, yes?

– Yes, yes. I was impressed how precise he made this exam. We talked for maybe hour-hour and a half and I decided to come here, to this clinic and take the treatment.

Can you tell us in short, what was the trip like, how many days have you spent here, what are your impressions like?

– I was here for 12 days and went to 3 procedures. Two of extracting bone marrow and one of extracting adipose tissue. The procedures are made very professionally. I almost had no stress or any pain. The team here is very professional and work like one. I am impressed how everybody knows what I’m doing, how I’m feeling and there is no need to explain. Everybody knows everything.

So you are satisfied with the service?

– Yes, yes! I’m feeling here like home.

Nice to hear that. How do you feel now, when the treatment is over?

– I know that some time needs to pass, but after the second procedure there were improvements in my walking, in my physical situation and I feel a lot of energy and power. My leg is now moving lightly. Before I came here, I dragged my leg, now I can make steps, so I think that is a good start.

What are your plans for the next follow-up?

– After one month I will be there for a check and every week I will send a short description of how I feel, so I think that is a very good treatment, what you made here.

OK, we’ll keep your contact definitely to ask about your condition, and hopefully we will see each other again in one month time for a check-up.

– Yes. Thank you, thank you very much.

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