ALS Stem Cells Treatment – Patient from the United States

Lorraine Bond from USA Patient

I’m Lorraine Bond, I’m from the USA, Idaho and I was searching for something to do for ALS. There was nothing in the United States, they would offer me other than one pill and that would last 3 months only. And I needed to find something experimental or something that would give me a little more time and I found stem cell research and read on their paperwork, interviews, information, which is well… I don’t know how to call it, anyway…

We originally planned to go to Switzerland and found that because of my disease I was better to go to Moscow, Russia. And we were greeted well at the airport and taken to our room and we’ve had excellent service. The staff has been very thorough physically, mentally, emotionally and I would recommend the clinic to anyone that would enjoy going.

Procedures were painless, I was really surprised, considering I did 5 different types of treatment and one was bone marrow and I was really worrying about that one, but I had no pain. So, that was very comforting. My face is better, my speech is better and my swallowing is better since I’ve had the treatment, and my breathing, in just the short time that I’ve been here, which is amazing.

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