Stem Cells Therapy for ALS Patient

Scott Everett from UK Patient

Hi, my name is Scott and this is my wife Katherine.

Scot has MND, Motor neurone disease, progressive bulbar palsy, and he was diagnosed in March this year. We started as a family researching for more options, but there wasn’t many, there wasn’t much to do.

His sister found about the possibilities of stem cell treatment and Swiss Medica kept popping up. We were put in touch with a couple of patients who have been here. They reported that it was a nice place to come, so we decided to follow that line.

Since we’ve been here I’ve had 6 courses of stem cells, 2 of them umbilical cord, 1 from the donor and then and then 3 from himself, from his stomach, his bone marrow and his blood. And I think mostly it was a bit uncomfortable?

Well yes, as it was expected to be, but doctors are very professional and I’ve been very well looked after.

The facility is spotlessly clean, the food is great, the staff is so friendly, so attentive. I really feel that they’ve made him their number one and looked after him very well. And on whole, it has been an incredibly positive experience.

As for improvements…

The tongue is getting stronger than it was before, but I think it will manifest as the time goes on.

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Stem Cells Therapy for ALS Patient
Dr. Aleksandra Fetyukhina, MD

Medical Advisor, Swiss Medica doctor

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