Antiaging Clinic Swiss Medica – Stem Cells Therapy

M.C., woman, 50 y.o. from UK Patient

Fantastic results, painless and professional in every respect, are the words I choose to use to describe this procedure.

I contacted Swiss Medica Clinic last October and they explained to me all about the benefits of Fat/ autologous Stem Cell Therapy and its effect of the aging process. Thereafter I received all information regarding procedure, therapy schedule and clinic’s facilities.

I was a little skeptical but being the most intrigued, I vowed to give it a shot. I am writing this to tell all women over 45 that this is a procedure you must undergo. Donot even think about it twice. Just do it. You will love the results!!

I used to spend over 1000 pounds a month on anti aging creams and supplements, plus on top of that many massages and body skin care products, without noticeable results. Those days are gone. My investment in fat/adipose tissue stem cell therapy has already saved me that and more. The effect of the therapy on my physical well being, mental and emotional state, stress, and energy levels is truly great, even excellent. I still receive benefits. I feel and look younger and fresher for 10-15 years. I have more energy for work and after capacity for physical activities. This is wonderful! My health, my strength and lifestyle are changed dramatically. I owe the success of my stem cell therapy to the doctors and Swiss Medica Clinic. I laud all of you for your committed service and bringing-in “autologous stem cell therapy.”

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Antiaging Clinic Swiss Medica - Stem Cells Therapy
Dr. Aleksandra Fetyukhina, MD

Medical Advisor, Swiss Medica doctor

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