Autistic Child Patient from Saudi Arabia – Stem cells Teatment Experience

Patient from Saudi Arabia Patient

Good afternoon, with God’s grace and blessing.

I am a mother.

I have a son who is four years old.

He has several diagnoses, doctors gave him very different diagnosis:

One of them is that he has autism, the second hyperactivity, the third a lack of concentration, doctors had very different opinions, diversity of opinions was very large.

It has been hard for me to watch my son in that state.

Many people who have children like mine or perhaps are in worse situation than me, know what our life look like and that this child of mine will experience difficulties in his life.

Of course, my wish is that he gets better and we try as much as we can to find if there is anything that we could do for him or not.

In the beginning we addressed here and there, we did not know what to do, however, thanks to God, I want to thank God, because the merits belong to him, not to me

God was generous toward us to let us meet the doctor Nikolai and the doctor Alexandrov, we met them and hearts of all of us are filled with hope that it is possible for him to have almost normal life, and perhaps even normal life.

Of course, we were surprised because we had fears to come here to Russia, to Moscow, as everyone knows, of course, how difficult it is for us to come to a country like this because of the information placed to us. However, thank to God, we haven’t had any problems, as it is said that there are and how it is talked about in the media.

Everything was very usual from arrival to the airport to arrival to this clinic itself, respect has been shown to me, I had no discomfort, neither me nor my family, thank to God.

We felt joy, thank to God, the ruler of the world.

At the clinic we were, as I already said, surrounded by kindness, they treated me warmly, I didn’t feel as if I was a stranger, on the contrary, I felt that they wanted to help me.

I met Dr Nikita, who is in charge of stem cells, he answered all my questions with enthusiasm. Of course, I know that all parents and all mothers have a lot of questions, and in this message I can’t explain it in detail, however, all employees are really, really able to give answers to all questions.

Some of these questions posed to the doctor were very direct, every day I kept asking questions, I would sit with them nearly for an hour, and they would give answers to me.

Stem cells, yes, we call that surgery, surgery, surgery and we are scared of the word surgery, but this is actually not a surgery, in the way many believe it is, it is as though, although I would not like to make comparison, nutritious injection.

It was a very simple surgery, my child is, as I already said, four years old, he was hyperactive, he got a light dose of anaesthesia, the surgery was done with this solution, of course, it was very simple, and he did not have any problems and thanks to God Almighty, no negative state or negative symptoms occurred, thank to God, he had none of them, they were afraid of the temperature, fortunately it did not occur to my son, it was all very normal and there were no complications after the surgery with stem cells.

I would like to explain that these problems, I do not know whether to characterize them as a disease or as a mental condition or defect, represent states that have become critical in the world, but also in the Arab countries have become a particular problem that affects almost all categories in all families. There are problems similar to these and we do not know how to behave towards them and how to solve them. I hope, with faith in God, that with these stem cells I found that what would help him to have an easier life, my faith in God is great. However, there are some moments when I wonder if we have done everything we could and what is necessary or not ..And what is this, if it is not that.

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Autistic Child Patient from Saudi Arabia - Stem cells Teatment Experience
Dr. Aleksandra Fetyukhina, MD

Medical Advisor, Swiss Medica doctor

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