Autism Treatment with Stem Cells

Yu Wanhuai 9 y.o. Patient

During the first 3 years of his life he was developing quite normally, and then the retention happened. At the age of about 3.5 parents noticed that he liked to line up different objects at home, keeping their lines in perfect order, like a perfectionist. He preferred to stay alone with his toys, didnot show any interest in various activities, like dancing, music, playing active games, going out for picnics, etc. He generally avoided eye contact with parents, which differed from two other kids in the family, and alerted the parents. Later Wanhuai started showing ritualistic behavior, protesting every time when furniture was moved at home, didnot want to accept new dishes in the home menu (their family liked to experiment with various cooking novelties). Wanhuai was, as his parents thought, too preoccupied with his favourite toy – a rubber duck, which became his only companion. He generally didnot show much affection to his parents or nurses, or any other caregivers. Moreover, he liked to bite his hand.

His parents took him to see a doctor, and told him about this strange behavior. Since there is no effective treatment for autism, the doctor recommended them to try something new, stem cells treatment. Although it is new, it would be better to try it than to torture themselves, watching the abnormal behavior of the kid.

Autism appears to result from developmental factors that affect many or all functional brain systems,and disturb the timing of brain development more than the final product. Neuroanatomical studies and the associations with teratogens strongly suggest that autism mechanism includes alteration of brain development soon after conception. This anomaly appears to be starting a cascade of pathological events in the brain that are significantly influenced by environmental factors. Just after birth, the autistic babies’brains tend to grow faster than usual, followed by normal or relatively slower growth in childhood.

At this point it is possible to correct the brain tissues by injecting patient’s own fat stem cells. After injection they home to the needed areas and start the treatment.

Now the general condition of Yu Wanhuai has drastically improved: he made his first friendship, and he likes going to the yard to play with his peers.

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Autism Treatment with Stem Cells
Dr. Aleksandra Fetyukhina, MD

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