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Patient with Autism treated with stem cells

Client: Paul Pufu

Country: Romania

My name is Paul Pufu, I am from Romania, from Bucharest. I came here in Moscow, in Swiss Medica clinic with my family, with my wife and my son Stefan. And we decided to come here, because my son was diagnosed with autism when he was 2 years old and we were trying a lot of treatments so far, a lot of medication, we are passed out of all the procedures in order to try and find a cure for our son. And since we found out about this autism, we, as a family, we were trying to do our best in order to help him. Besides of what everyone are saying, that autism is something for which there is no cure, it’s nothing to do with children with autism, we always considered that we should do as much as we can in order to help him have a better life.

Right now we found this clinic Swiss Medica in Moscow, after we searched a little bit on the internet and some other type of research, reading a lot of articles in the newspapers and checking other sources of information. We found that it can be another way of treatment, this stem cell procedure and we decided to try this treatment as well, and that is why we came here.

I sent an email to your main office. I don’t know if it was the main office in Switzerland or in here, because I took the email address from the internet. At the end of one article, right now I don’t remember which article, because I was reading a lot of articles over the last few months. And one article, at the end of one article, I found this email address of Swiss Medica. I wrote an email, I asked somebody to contact me over the phone. I put my phone number and my address and immediately, in maximum of 2 hours, somebody called me and it was Arina, lady that I met here and she asked me why I wrote this email and what is the problem and what we are looking for. And I started explaining to her about my son, over the phone and I gave her a lot of details how it started, how we got this diagnostic for my son and how it started with ABA therapy when he was 2 years old and we discussed about it.

She advised us that if we wanted to, we could have an appointment and then Swiss Medica team will help us with a visa and everything to be able to come here and to see what it’s all about, this stem cell treatment. I asked Arina to put in one email the whole procedure, in order to check again and when I received this email I was discussing it with my wife and at the end we made a decision to come here.

Well, this is how we arrived here and then we found a very good team here. Stefan was a little bit excited about this clinic. It’s more than we expected at the beginning. It’s very warm, it’s very kind, everybody is paying attention and we were pleased about how the doctors and the nurses, the whole staff, was taking care about us.

Since the first day we appreciated all efforts that your team did for us. Me, personally, I was a part of this team, when they asked me, to help them by taking care of Stefan, because for some procedures my presence was necessary there. For every protocol I was getting a lot of details on how the procedure will be, what’s happened and everything was fine at the end of the day. We are quite happy that we were here and I hope this treatment will help my son to enjoy his life. That’s all.

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