Heavy Metal Poisoning Stem Cell Treatment

Gino Borg from Australia Patient

My name is Gino Borg from Sydney, Australia. I was thinking to come to Russia to do stem cells for the last 3 years, until I found exactly what I was diagnosed with, which is I had (?) that I got heavy metal, which is mercury and lead and a lot of poisonous things in my system.

I’ve lost a lot of muscle tissue. Obviously, the mercury effect hit my nerve system and I lost a lot of muscle mass. I’ve been walking with this frame for the last 6 months. I couldn’t stand up before, but ever since I had the stem cells I can get up from just a normal chair, put my arms much higher, before I used to move them up to here, my arms. So I got more strength standing up, I can stay long up, standing up. Normally a couple of seconds and I sit down, now I can stand up like this for at least 15 minutes or so, slowly, slowly. Getting progress, progress…

There’s only 2 weeks that has been. My standing up has improved a lot. Normally, from a bed, which is this height, or a chair, I wouldn’t be able to lift myself up, I have my caretaker to lift me up. So now I’m able to get up and down, with this treatment I had. They gave me 6 different stem cells; umbilical, placenta, I think 3 umbilical stem cells, 1 from my own bone marrow and another bone marrow from other people, which so far, altogether it looks like it’s doing wonders.

It has been only 2 weeks, so I hope monthly by monthly it will improve a lot for me. I’m glad I came to this clinic. Doctors are fantastic, starting from Doctor Victor, he’s excellent, to collect stem cells and how he do his job and provide stem cells and gives it to you. From nurses, how they handed you. From staff, other doctors to look after you. Any heart problems, they check your heart, to make sure you’re in a good condition to have your stem cells.

It was my pleasure, my dream, like I said, for the last 3 years to come here. My dream came true and I hope I keep improving from today onwards and I don’t know how to say thanks to all of you and I recommend to anyone to have a chance and talk to, especially Doctor Alexanria, I contacted her. She gave me a lot of information and she made me create a video, how I am, the condition, that’s how professional these people are. Not just go ahead and go for stem cells, they wanna see you, they wanna see your blood tests, they wanna see your condition and they found everybody got a different plan, for each person. So the plan they gave me I hope that everything will go well and I thank Doctor Alexandra and everyone. Everyone from the staff in this hospital, from doctors, staff, nurses and even kitchen people. From everyone, cleaners, the whole clinic, it’s 6 stars to me, you know what I mean. It’s very helpful. Thank you very much! Have a look!

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Heavy Metal Poisoning Stem Cell Treatment
Dr. Aleksandra Fetyukhina, MD

Medical Advisor, Swiss Medica doctor

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