Ischemic Stroke Treatment with Stem Cells for Italian patient

Cardillo from Italy Patient

Good afternoon.

Good afternoon!

What’s your name? Where are you from?

Well, my name is Jessica Mariah, her name is Cardillo. We come from Italy. From Caggiano. From Salerno province.

And what is the reason that you came here? What kind of problem do you have? How did it all start?

My mum had ischemic stroke about a year ago and she experienced her first symptoms at home in a form of vomiting and blurry vision. Afterwards, we called the ambulance, which took her to the nearest hospital, but they had to transfer her to Salerno. Where she’s had a couple… She’s had two surgeries, considering her aneurism broke, and later on ischemic stroke followed. She was in the intensive care unit for a month. She was later transferred to a rehabilitation center where she spent about five months.

I understand. And as a consequence of ischemic stroke, what type of symptoms did she develop, after hospitalization?

Well, the consequence of ischemic stroke was hemiplegia. One side of her body, the right side, is paralyzed and she has aphasia, meaning she is unable to speak.

I understand. And after leaving the hospital, have doctors helped her with some type of physiotherapy, pharmacotherapy…?

She didn’t receive any type of pharmacotherapy, she only had physiotherapy, but that didn’t bring many results.

I understand. And how did you hear about our hospital, about our clinic, from which source?

I’ve heard about it from a family friend who has already been here, but for a different problem, the news spread around, we heard about the clinic and contacted you, talked to Sonja, via email and then we established an agreement. We came here, we arrived about 10 days ago.

Perfect. And during these 10 days, what were your impressions, opinions, about the clinic, the staff, the whole treatment program, which Mrs Jeraldina underwent every day at our clinic?

We were very satisfied from the first day we arrived, they picked us up at the airport, everyone was very polite, as soon as we arrived, everyone was kind, they took us in, showed us our room, which is more than a clinic, it looks like a five start hotel, it is very pretty, it is very nice for us everyone treated us well, and my mum had treatments which, I think, helped her a lot. At the beginning, during our first days, she was having diagnostics done, and later on, when they established she is physically stable, they started with the real treatment, with special infusions, in order to help her, and later on, during the course of two separate days stem cell treatment was performed. That was it, the treatments were quick, but not invasive, they weren’t painful, she didn’t feel any pain, she was good, everything is good here!

Perfect! As for physiotherapy, it is true, it is included in the treatment, what do you think about it?

Yes, yes, she was having physiotherapy every day which was… a lot different from the one she was having in Italy. Because she was doing things that are, physiotherapist explained it to me a bit, well, things are a little different here, more concentrated on movement of the specific muscles that are inactive in order to activate them, which should help her, and that has, in my opinion, already given results, even though it took only a couple of days, but I already notice small improvements – for example, in her body posture, she manages to keep her back straight, and also, for example I notice improvements in her arm movement.

Great, great. And were there any difficulties, pain or something similar during physiotherapy?

No, my mum didn’t feel any pain, she didn’t experience any difficulties, it was peaceful, well organized, it was all good.

We’re glad to know that. Good. Then, for the end, what are your expectations for the future, considering you are leaving the clinic soon, and obviously we will see each other soon at check-up. What do you expect from this treatment?

It is certain that now, as they told us, we have 2 months ahead of us that are very important and we are going to use them to work on improvements, do physiotherapy and practice with speech therapists in order to help her speaking and movement abilities.

We will try our best and I’m sure she will, as well.

We expect improvements. We don’t expect a miracle, but we expect that she can be better, because she is young and she could succeed.

She will succeed, surely! Good. Thank you very much and see you soon.

Alright. Thank you. Bye.

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Ischemic Stroke Treatment with Stem Cells for Italian patient
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