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Joint pain stem cells success story

Client: Everett Bates, USA, 63 y.o.

Ailment: joint pain

Everett first felt the joint pain at the age of 47. At that time he didn’t pay much attention to this symptom, didn’t see a doctor. Sometimes his pain aggravated. When he did some sports or moved furniture at home, from time to time, he had the feeling of pain. Time passed, his pain was getting more and more serious, sometimes his joints would ache the whole day.

He remembered that his grandmother also suffered from such pains, so he thought it was in his genetics. But no matter whether it was inherited or not, the treatment was pending. At this time he has already understood that there was a problem with his health. It turned out to be a disease.

Although arthritis creams are effective, they cannot completely wipe out the disease.

Everett knew from the doctor that currently there were no drugs that could restore damaged joint cartilage.

Right at this time he found an advertisement about treatment with fat mesenchymal stem cells. Mesenchymal stem cells after special preparation can became cells from any of the tissues of human body (process of differentiation). After differentiating into cartilage cells, mesenchymal stromal cells can get to the damaged area, and substitute the damaged cells. If the body does not reject them strongly, they begin proliferating inside, and completely replace the missing cartilage tissue.

Everett has undergone this treatment. At first, physician got a small amount of fat from his belly (liposuction), and let him rest for some time. The process of taking fat was not that painful, since it is not an operation. After several hours doctors injected back activated stem cells.

Day after day, Mr. Bates feels better and better. After 6 months post treatment, feeling of pain was significantly reduced, and after one year diminished completely. He resumed a happy life.

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