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Cirrhosis treatment stem cells success story

Client: Lydia Bistrova, 40 y.o. business woman

Ailment: liver cirrhosis

Lydia was absolutely shocked when a doctor told her that she had idiopatic cirrhosis, i.e. cirrosis of unknown origin. It seemed that nothing in her life could cause such a disease.

What alerted her first, before consulting the doctor, were some ascites that started to appear on her belly. She also had some strange sensations in the region of stomach and nearby, which disturbed her even more, as the average quality of her life worsened. Itching, bruising and bleeding were among other symptoms.

Athough her doctor said that cirrhosis is an irreversible disease, she couldnot agree to just wait till the end. So, after several months of considering what to do, she decided to try the newest method of treatment, that is adipose-derived mesenchymal stem cells treatment. It seemed to be costly, it demanded to move far away (but for a short time), and was generally too new. But as far as the disease didnot want to wait, and was progressing as the days passed, she finally made a decision to try it in one of the departments of Swiss Medica:Lucerne. It was also a unique opportunity to travel. Lydia underwent the treatment, which lasted only 4 days, and returned home. After about 1 month she felt first results, and her condition is getting better and better. Half a year passed, and we are all waiting for her final result: recovery!

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Our primary task is to make your own cells treat your own body. We use advanced technology to activate mesenchymal stem cells derived from adipose tissue, bone marrow, etc. Donated cells can also be used. Introduced to the patient’s body, these cells help to regenerate damaged tissue. Symptoms become less obvious and/or disappear.

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