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Liver Cirrhosis regeneration with Stem Cells

Client: Oscar Cardenas

Country: USA

Good morning, my name is Oscar Cardenas. I am currently in the clinic in Russia, which I’m in because I had a problem with my liver, I had cirrhosis and I ended up here, thank God I found this clinic, which helped me so much.

Today is my last day of treatment, and since the day I arrived until today, which was about 12 days, I’ve been feeling great, amazing, thanks to the doctors and the way they took care of me, and I’d like to tell people that coming here in Russia is a very pleasant, lovely experience, and I advise you to come and to meet these people in the clinic, where they treated me so well.

I wish you all a great day and I invite you to come here and explore this country and use the benefits of their doctors that are excellent, I was treated with stem cells… And I believe in God and that I’m healthy, I feel great, strong, thank you very much.

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