Obesity and Weight Loss Stem Cell Therapy

Obesity is a growing global health issue. Over 2 billion people, or roughly 30% of the world’s population, are fighting obesity in a variaety of ways, including stem cell weight-loss therapy. According to studies, a person’s intake of food does not always affect their ability to gain weight. It could also be due to our genetics, lifestyle, stress level, or how much or little sleep we get. You can lose fat in hard-to-burn places like the belly, chin, love handles, thighs, and arms, but you can also change how your metabolism works over time, which is more important.

Obesity and Weight Loss Treatment with Stem Cells

Once obesity is diagnosed, weight loss is the primary treatment option. It can be approached in a variety of ways, but no single one will produce the desired results. There are traditional methods, such as exercise and diets, as well as new ones, such as stem cell therapy for weight loss. 

Stem cells can be extracted from various tissues of the human body, including fat tissue or bone marrow, the umbilical cord, and the placenta. They can reduce the risk of more serious health problems associated with obesity:

  • Type 2 diabetes
  • Dyslipidemia
  • Cardiovascular diseases
  • Endocrine diseases, such as thyroid dysfunctions
  • And others
Obesity and Weight Loss Stem Cell Therapy
The primary characteristics of stem cells being activated in the body.

The earlier the weight-loss process begins, the faster the results will be. Let’s explore how it can be done with stem cell weight loss therapy. 

How Do Stem Cells Impact Weight Loss?

What if losing weight or controlling diabetes could be done with a simple procedure using a person’s own or donor stem cells? There are numerous ways to affect weight loss, and one of the easiest to understand is exercise. It is common knowledge that it is practically impossible to lose weight permanently without exercise, but over 95% of all the exercise that people do to burn fat burns mostly sugar. Fat tissue is like a depaut that our bodies save until the last moment. Visceral fat is difficult to shed, and some people find it the last place where the fat shifts during their weight-loss process.

Another way is to use stem cell activators for weight loss. What are the world’s experiences with losing weight using stem cells?

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Obesity and Weight Loss Stem Cell Therapy
Dr. Aleksandra Fetyukhina, MD

Medical Advisor, Swiss Medica doctor

How Do Stem Cells Act?

To generate stem cells for weight loss therapy, we use white adipose tissues from a donor or a patient’s own body. Every person is different, and after a series of tests and consultations, the doctor can advise you on whether to use your own stem cells or those from a donor. 

We thoroughly extract and examine each stem cell product several times before administering it to a patient. With our in-house laboratory, we can closely monitor stem cell composition and viability, ensuring safe and effective doses.

Stem cells can be grown for around 4–5 weeks before being injected into the body. After being introduced into the body, stem cells circulate through the bloodstream until they are drawn to proteins found near inflamed or damaged tissue. Stem cells rush to the injured area and begin producing growth factors that aid in cell migration, as well as adhesion molecules that regulate cellular interactions.

Obesity and Weight Loss Stem Cell Therapy
Adult multipotential mesenchymal stromal cells (MSCs) detect inflammatory symptoms in the body and travel to the injured organ or tissue to help improve the situation.

For the treatment of obesity, stem cells activate weight loss by stimulating fat and sugar burning (rather than only sugar burning) and enhancing metabolic processes. The whole “burning” process is individual and can take from a month up to a year, although it depends on the case.

What Is The Value of Stem Cells for Obesity and Weight Loss

A specific number of stem cells can gradually influence the entire fat tissue, resulting in significant positive effects:

  • Provide a supply of stem cells to activate weight loss.   
  • Boost the immune system.

Swiss Medica Clinic has created the Adult Autologous Stem Cell Therapy program to treat a variety of conditions, including obesity. The dosage for the therapy should be determined by a professional, and a patient may receive millions and even double this number of stem cells for weight loss. 

The number of restored cells not only covers daily losses, but exceeds them by a thousand times. As a result, the stem cell reserve, which had been practically depleted over the previous 15–20 years, has been restored. Organs are rejuvenated and renewed as a result of active cell replenishment because new and active cells replace old and damaged cells.

Obesity and Weight Loss Stem Cell Therapy

Advantages of Stem Cell Therapy for Obesity and Weight Loss at Swiss Medica Clinic

There are a few benefits to learning about stem cell therapy for weight loss, which dispels many myths surrounding the topic:

  1. There are no side effects or rejections. The patient’s own stem cells from their abdomen or donor cells that have been thoroughly tested for safety.
  2. Avoidance of allergic or immune reactions—own or donor’s cells have compatible chromosomal and genetic structures.
  3. There is no risk of contamination from transmissible diseases because we culture all cells in a sterile environment in our own lab.
  4. There are no oncological complications (unless they were present before) because we only use adult stem cells, not embryonic stem cells.
  5. Donor cells require only a small amount of fat tissue, which is why the stem cells can be injected directly into the patient’s body following activation, eliminating the need to grow them on substances. The patients’ cells grow for 4–5 weeks.
  6. The time between getting lipoaspirate and injecting activated stem cells is only a few hours.

We provide our patients with risk-free results with the help of highly skilled professionals who understand the value of personalized care, quality, and confidence. Swiss Medica is a medical center that provides patients with cutting-edge therapies. We use advanced technology to apply stem cells for weight loss that have been extracted from fat cells via mini liposuction. We consistently maintain high treatment standards and conduct investigative research. 

Obesity and Weight Loss Stem Cell Therapy
Physiotherapy following the administration of stem cells for weight loss at the Swiss Medica clinic.

The package of procedures for each patient includes:

  • Transfer from / to the airport
  • Interpretation services
  • Specifically developed, individual balanced diet
  • Medical tests and diagnostics
  • Doctors consultations (specialists in neurology, psychiatry, psychology, neurorehabilitation, and nutrition)
  • Medication
  • Stem cells therapy
  • Physiotherapy
  • Psychotherapy
  • Follow-up if needed

It is important to note that while all of the recommendations in this article are intended to provide clear information about stem cell therapy, they cannot be interpreted as personal recommendations. To discuss your personal situation, please contact our doctors using the form below.

Safety of Stem Cell Therapy for Obesity and Weight Loss

There are numerous concerns about stem cell therapy, particularly the use of embryonic stem cells from unborn babies and the risk of side effects. At Swiss Medica, we only use adult stem cells from donors or, in some cases, the patient’s own tissues. An anamnesis is always collected before the doctor determines whether the patient is a candidate for cell therapy and what procedures are required.

When using stem cells for weight loss, there are generally no side effects that can endanger the patient: as previously stated, there is no risk of rejection or inflammation once cells have gone through a series of tests to gain “neutrality.”

How much do stem cells for weight loss cost? The price is estimated based on a patient’s anamnesis and ranges between €7,000 and €25,000. You can schedule a free consultation with one of our doctors, who will answer all of your questions and determine whether stem cell therapy is an effective treatment for your condition. 

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Obesity and Weight Loss Stem Cell Therapy
Dr. Aleksandra Fetyukhina, MD

Medical Advisor, Swiss Medica doctor

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