Patient from Ireland with MS Stem Cells Treatment Experience

Patient from Ireland Patient

Well, right, I’m from Ireland and I have MS. I was diagnosed with MS from 2013. and we’ve done a good bit of research on MS and it was no treatment in Ireland or in the UK. And I was talking to friends, we checked it out on the internet and the only place was Moscow Swiss Medica in Moscow and Belgrade and… Moscow clinic was the most suitable for my type of MS. And so, I came here with my family in Moscow. My family went in to traveling to Moscow city most days and I find they are very impressed with Moscow city. They brought this on most days, that they’re very impressed. So I’ve had my treatment here, in Moscow… I’ve had my treatment in the Moscow clinic and I was very impressed with the staff and facilities.

Procedures… I was very happy, it went well and I got my stem cell treatment, it was grand. I was not in soar and I am not in the worst of pain, you know. So I met friends out here that have got treatment and few friends that have yet to have the MS treatment and treatment here for diabetes too and we got to know different ones, you know, different people out here, I don’t know. So I’m happy enough so far.

I would recommend Swiss Medica to other people in Ireland, at home, yeah, or in England, you know, yeah, I would, definitely, definitely so.

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Patient from Ireland with MS Stem Cells Treatment Experience
Dr. Aleksandra Fetyukhina, MD

Medical Advisor, Swiss Medica doctor

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