MS Patient from Saudi Arabia: Stem Cells Treatment Procedure

Fath Katan from Saudi Arabia Patient

I am Fath Katan, I am from Saudi Arabia, I am 43 years. I was diagnosed MS, multiple sclerosis, since 2002. I was taking medication, I was fine until 2014. And in 2014. I faced difficulties in walking, I can’t walk properly, I usually walk with a cane or with the help of assistant. I went for stem cells therapy several times in Germany in Frankfurt, Stuttgart and Switzerland, Basel. Last visit was with Swiss Medica was in Zurich. I felt some good improvement.

This time, this was my 8th visit for stem cell’s therapy, here in Moscow in Swiss Medica. I arrived here last week, this is my 7th day in the clinic. I felt some improvement, even now I can walk slowly without the cane. I can stand up now, at least I can walk slowly without the cane.

After the treatment, when did you start to feel the progress?

With Swiss Medica, the first improvement I received when I went to Zurich, but it was only while standing and walking and taking rest. This is after the treatment in Zurich with Swiss Medica. I couldn’t before, going to Zurich, I couldn’t stand too much, especially like when I take a shower, I couldn’t stand even for 2-3 minutes. After Zurich, at least I can take take shower comfortably, 10-15 minutes after the shower it was OK. Even while walking before Zurich I used to walk like 10 minutes then rest for 2-3 minutes, I walk again less, I walk again 7 minutes, then rest again 2-3 minutes, then walk 5 minutes, my power would go slowly down. After Zurich, no. If I walk for 10 minutes, then I rest for 2-3 minutes, I walk again for 10 minutes, rest, walk again for 10 minutes, at least I can walk the same 10 minutes, the same power, it is the same, this is after Zurich visit.

Excellent. So, overall, after the stem cells therapy you started to feel also some kind of energy, like power, recharging your whole body.

Of course, it recharged my whole body. The one of the good things that is that I couldn’t control my handwriting writing before the stem cells therapy, after Zurich I can write properly. Before Zurich I was shaking, my hands usually used to shake, but now, no, after Zurich I can write properly with no problem.

So all improvements. Improvements, improvements all the way.

Yes, exactly.

And some patients they’re also asking sometimes about the pain. How painful are the procedures?

No, no pain. I didn’t feel the pain. I went from the clinic here, like after I did the stem cells therapy from the fat tissue and bone marrow, and after 4 hours, I left the clinic I went to the hotel.

How was Swiss Medica treating you here? How was the staff?

It was excellent. From the time that I arrived there, someone’s picked me up from the airport, ‘till my hotel and then from the hotel next day ‘till the clinic on a daily basis, from to the hotel to the clinic, everything was excellent, the meals, the bed, the bathroom, everything was excellent, all the staff.

And over here you’ve got how many days of procedures in Moscow clinic?

7 days. Every day I come here. They asked me do you want 12 days treatment or 7? I told then no, I have limited time, please and they did it for 7 days.

And what kind of feelings do you have right now? Do you start to feel something already?

Yes, I feel some improvement, I can even show you now how good I walk, slowly, without the cane.

Could you please show the effects of our treatment of what you can do?

Yeah, usually I use this to walk with, now after treatment, after one week, at least I can walk without the cane. Even slowly, but at least I can walk. Next week, I’ll be doing the marathon!

It’s great!

Yeah, I can do it. So this is only after one week, I hope this will get better during the month, this is only after 7 days, at least I can do this. It is not normal, I know it is not normal, but at least it is without the cane. Now I can do this, I can do it without the cane, slowly, I know I’m not running, but this is the beginning.

And next it will me marathon jogging.


Thank you very much.

Thank you and welcome.

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MS Patient from Saudi Arabia: Stem Cells Treatment Procedure
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