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Patient from UK with Multiple Sclerosis stem cells therapy experience story

Client: Linda Cole

Country: UK

My name is Linda Cole, I’m 67 years of age and I’ve had multiple sclerosis for the best part of thirty years. I have a friend, Sean Roberts, who lives in Bradford. She phoned me just before she went out to Belgrade, Swiss Medica, to tell me she was going and I said to my husband: “If I don’t try this treatment, I will never know, I will always wonder.” I was out there at the end of December, so, here we go, waiting for results now.

When I went out to Russia I couldn’t move my thumb from my finger, now I can move it right down. I couldn’t use the other thumb to pull up sleeve of my jumper and now I can do that. Obviously I can’t stand or anything but sitting on the edge on the bad, my balance is better. And I feel clearer headed. I don’t feel foggy headed anymore, I feel really clear in my head. I just feel different. Difficult to explain, I just feel different.

My daughter in law is saying to me, tell them I can move my arms better than I could as well. My friend came in the other day and she said I was gesticulating with that hand which I wasn’t aware that I was doing.

The treatment I had in Moscow, it was amazing. I have to say the people out there were amazing too. Full of compassion and love, it was an absolute blunt. I had stem cells taken from my stomach and I had bone marrow taken from my spine, the base of my spine. None of it was painful or painless. You are monitored all time, temperature, heartbeat, everything, it was absolutely brilliant.

I haven’t had any treatment in this country at all. As far as I know, really, the stem cells thing is just a trial at the moment. It’s years ahead where it’s actually going to be a common thing to have , where’s in Russia is all been trialled and tested. The treatment’s there, but not in this country, I’m not sure if it’s down to lack of money or what. But, I recommend everybody.

Just for me, if I could stand, in transfer from my chair into my wheelchair that would be brilliant, but I am told that it would be better than that. I’m told that I will be able to walk slightly. How much so, I don’t know, but if I could only stand that will be a bonus.

I just want to say to anybody that’s been diagnosed with MS: “Get out to Moscow, Lucerne or Belgrade, whatever – it’s amazing!” If you want to stop this in its tracks, because they say it will be halted, it’s no cure, but they say will be halted.

I’m Trevor Cole, Linda’s husband. I think you just cope and touch wood it’s been slow, slowish progress, until five year ago when it got worse. But I think you cope. And you know, Linda is very positive, it didn’t affect her brain as such, ability to overcome it and the positive attitude she’s always had, which helps. I think, one of things, it thought me to cook and just take more responsibilities in the house, and things like that, you know the cleaning and the cooking and so on, but basically you just cope and you do what’s necessary to still have a decent life.

The hands, the right hand, the right thumb and, you know, a lot of movement… When I put her to bed the balance, she’s got when she seats on the edge of the bed is vastly improved and also I think she, you know, she says she can move especially in bed, her right foot a bit, which she’s never been able to do for the last five years. And her arm as well, she can lift the left arm better and higher than she’s ever been able to do. That’s so saying in three months since she’s been back and again she says she’s a lot clear headed.

It’s easier for me to hold this remote in my hand, I couldn’t have held it like this before and I can also transfer now from one hand to the next, which I couldn’t do before.

Thank you, Swiss Medica!

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