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Renal infarction treatment stem cells success story

Client: Mr. Ai from Tianjin City, 65 y.o Dean, Associate professor

Ailment: renal infarction

Mr. Ai introduced himself as a very hardworking and optimistic person. Many years of his life he devoted to teaching, and accumulated rich experience in it. At his free time, he liked to read books on medical stuff,which revealed to be rather helpful.

At one time Mr. Ai felt severe pain, accompanied with fever nausea, vomiting, proteinuria, hematuria, and hypertension. A doctor said that it was renal infarction. The doctor also said that renal vascular occlusion is the most important cause of the deterioration of renal function in old people.However, it’s not easy to diagnose this disease.Mr. Ai also went to another hospital, the diagnosis was the same: renal infarction. He underwent some simple treatment, but didnot feel at ease about the disease.He listened to his friends’ advice and did treatment using mesenchymal stem cells.

Mesenchyme stem cells

Mesenchyme stem cells represent a kind of cells that can self-renew, proliferate quickly and differentiate, can maintain the size of its own cell population by cell division. At the same time they can further differentiate into various tissue cells, in medical circles they are called “multi-potent” cells. Many studies and clinical trials proved that mesenchyme stromal/stem cells can repair damaged cells.

Advantages of treatment using mesenchyme stromal cells:

1. Effect is quick and visible: 1-4 weeks after transplantation, various symptoms significantly reduce; after 3-6 months, with the growth of new renal cells, damaged kidney tissue gets repaired, renal function recovers gradually, patient’s symptoms gradually improve.

2. Low risk: minimally invasive means are used, the fat mesenchymal stem cells are patient’s own, so there will be no rejection as in the case of kidney transplantation.

Keeping in mind these advantages Mr. Ai did the treatment. After one year his condition significantly improved, any troubles connected with the disease disappeared. He says that the one thing he liked the most was the travel combined with the treatment.Next year Mr. Ai will come to our clinic again to do rejuvenation also using fat stem cells. He wants to become younger, therefore we will welcome him again at our clinic!

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