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Stem cells treatment for osteoarthritis patient story

Client: Michael Listov 61 y.o.

Ailment: Osteoarthritis (natural cartilage degeneration)

From some time Michael started experiencing stiffness in joints, but after about 15 minutes the condition normalized, and he could move at a normal pace again. If he performed some activities, connected to weight bearing, he felt pain of motion of the left leg. When it occurred, he took breaks and felt better after some time. Several years passed, and his pains became more evident. It was usually better in the morning, and worsened as the day progressed.

Based on physical examination and x-ray findings, his physician determined that is was osteoarthritis.

Researchers have long tried to determine what causes cartilage degeneration associated with osteoarthritis. A breakthrough by scientists points to the loss of a specific protein from the surface layer of cartilage in joints. That protein, referred to as HMGB2, appears to play a key role in cartilage degeneration.

Osteoarthritis starts when there is a disruption at the surface layer of cartilage — also referred to as the superficial zone. The surface layer is the most important of the four layers of cartilage in a joint, in terms of proper joint motion. Normal joints have a smooth surface layer of cartilage that allows joints to glide over one another. Cartilage also stabilizes joints and absorbs force. When the surface layer begins to deteriorate, though, osteoarthritis starts to develop and an irreversible process is initiated that ultimately destroys underlying layers of cartilage until the end-stage occurs: bone is rubbing on bone in the joint.

After treatment at Swiss Medica ХХІ Century S.A., Michel regained the gaiety of life, significantly improving the quality of life.

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