Parkinson’s Disease Treatment with Stem Cells

Brit Elisabet Lekos from Norway Patient

Hello, my name is Brit Elisabet Lekos, I’m from Norway. I was diagnosed with Parkinson’s disease 9 years ago. I was experiencing severe shakings in the right side of my body and my voice was weak. I drag my right leg a bit when I walk and I get a bit anxious. I’ve done a lot of physiotherapy and I worked a lot on it by myself as well.

I read a lot about stem cell therapy and decided to try it. I consulted other people and after some time I contacted one company in Switzerland, who also has brunches in Belgrade and Moscow, and I decided to come to Moscow.

The therapy in question lasts for 12 days and it was very good, they have one available that lasts for 6 days as well, and during these 12 days you really do get a lot. But in Moscow you also have an additional program for stem cells, that is very good, and it uses stem cells from umbilical cord of a donor. Then stem cells, blood and stem cells from the bone marrow are taken. Plus stem cells from your own organism.

First I would like to say that I arrived in Moscow a couple of days before I came here, so I can have time to see more of the city. The city is huge and very pretty. I’ve never been here before, so it was a good opportunity to see Moscow. The clinic I came to is located a little bit outside of the city centre, in an older building that has been renovated, in the calm area, near a small shopping mall.

I came here with another person, each of us got a room, both of them were nice and clean, and the bathroom is very pretty as well. We have 3 meals included here and staff that are extremely pleasant. We can ask for whatever we like, and we get as much fruit as we like. And drinks.

The place gets cleaned every day and there are also laundry services available. During our first couple of days we were greeted by a team of 5 doctors, who… Some doctors speak English well, some don’t. But there is also a translator here who speaks English and is always with me. They informed me well on what is expected of me to do, and each morning during my 12 days, a doctor would come to my room and inform me about what will be happening that day.

They were first taking my blood samples, in order to see if I was missing any vitamins and minerals, which showed to be the case. The first day I got a lot of vitamins and that was repeated every day. And that I got some laser machine that measured blood effect in my organism and a mattress that had measuring instruments inside of it and I was lying on it. I was using that a lot as well.

And now I’m going to tell you a little bit about treatment with stem cells, which we started one morning and they took me into a lab downstairs and took my blood samples, quite a bit of it. Then we left the lab and they placed me on a bed and they took a bit of fat from my stomach, from 2 places. Around my belly button.

I received local anesthesia, I absolutely didn’t feel a thing, it was totally fine, and after some time they processed blood and fat together in the centrifuge machine and they injected it into my vein. Next day I received vitamins and that was repeated for a few days. And then bone marrow was supposed to be extracted from my body, then returned to my body, and then they took more blood samples in the lab.

Then they placed me on a bed, I received anesthesia, local anesthesia, which didn’t hurt at all. And wait… So then they extracted the bone marrow, from the back of my bone. Yes. From my thigh bone. And then they mixed it in with blood the same day, put it in the centrifuge machine and I received it intravenously.

While I was receiving all of that, they monitored my state closely. And when I came here I was afraid that all of it is going to hurt, I didn’t really know what I was getting myself into, even though I read a lot about it before I came here and gathered good information and literature. I was so surprised that none of it was painful, but time did pass slowly. I had to spend a lot of the time in bed, but of course, I was allowed to go out as well.

I was outside twice, in that shopping mall, but it’s important to bring a lot of reading material when you come here, knitting supplies, iPad… It is important to have some of those things…

And I’m very satisfied how people here are very professional. I am very satisfied with this clinic, staff, just everything. Therefore, I recommend other people to come here as well. Thank you.

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Parkinson's Disease Treatment with Stem Cells
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