Parkinson’s Disease Treated With Stem Cells

Francesco from Italy Patient

Hello everyone. I am Francesco from Padova and I am here in the Belgrade clinic for Parkinson’s disease treatment.

I’ll tell you my story in short. Two years ago I met the awful illness that is Parkinson’s disease and I wanted to recommend this clinic to everyone who suffers from it.

So, at the beginning, just like everybody else with Parkinson’s disease, I was experiencing symptoms such as muscle stiffness, slow rate of speech, slow movement, loss of balance, walking difficulties, it was hard for me to start walking… All of us suffering from Parkinson’s disease have these strange symptoms.

I must say that after 9 years I found a solution and it is Swiss Medica clinic in Belgrade, amazing clinic, with very professional staff.

I had stem cell therapy. I recommend it to everyone, because I think this leads to very big improvements.

After this therapy, I’ve had 3, 4, 5 days of stagnation, if I can call it that. Then I started to experience the first benefits.

First I started noticing that my mind was getting clearer. Before it was foggy and bleary, I had to think hard in order to have a conversation etc.

Now I think a lot faster and my condition improved a lot. I should be progressing more in the future. I must say that my body is slowly getting into a better shape as well. I walk differently. I also started running and going to the mountain.

I had the procedure on the 14th of January. Now it’s March 1st and in only a couple of days I felt better. I can wash my face, get dressed in 5 minutes, I can wash my back, which I couldn’t do before, my son had to help me with it.

It’s not pleasant when you cannot do regular daily activities on your own and you require assistance.

Now I can manage it anytime, in any given moment and I can lead a decent life. It’s only the beginning, it’s been 40-45 days, but my body feels improved, especially my mental state. It is a lot better and improves quickly. You can lead conversations fast and you’re getting stronger, more resistant.

I would like to tell everyone who has Parkinson’s disease like me, not to lose heart. We have a solution. Whether you are in Italy, in Belgrade, it doesn’t matter, the solution exists.

You must not lose hope in any way. We must fight and beat this illness, because we are the same as everybody else.
3:07 Unfortunately, that is not possible in Italy. I am really sorry about it, but we have this amazing place in Belgrade. We should use it, and it’s very important to tell others about it as well, because there are a lot of people that suffer, but shouldn’t suffer.

That is the massage that I want to get across to all Parkinson’s disease patients, Alzheimer’s disease patients, MS patient etc.

Every human being should take the opportunity this clinic offers, because everybody must feel good. Nobody should suffer, nobody should get sick. Sickness is a crime.

And treatment is our duty, it’s our duty to be healthy. We should feel good and our life changes that way. Everything is different and it’s easier to breathe.

When we’re sick, we are dying inside day by day because we stop appreciating life, we lose dignity, we lose everything. If we put all of that to the side, we are not protected where we should be, because we have this problem.

Everything is changing now. Now, we should live as well. I was unlucky enough to get this disease, but fine, we’ll beat it, now we have a way to cure it.

I am very happy and I must thank all the staff, all of the Swiss Medica clinic, because it helped me live and breathe. That is the message that I’d like to send out to everyone who suffers from this disease.

Goodbye to you. Goodbye to everyone. And I’m starting a new life. My movement range is completely normal, I run, a play a little bit of football with my grandchildren when I get the time, because I can play it now. I don’t lose my balance anymore, which is very important. And it became easier for me to write.

So, I recommend everyone to contact Swiss Medica clinic in Belgrade, you’ll find it on the internet. You’ll see that there is a solution for your illness.

I hug and love you all and I’ll see you soon.

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Parkinson's Disease Treated With Stem Cells
Dr. Aleksandra Fetyukhina, MD

Medical Advisor, Swiss Medica doctor

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