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Patient with Parkinson's disease treatment with stem cells

Client: Warren Ash

Country: UK

My name is Warren Ash, I’m from the UK and I’m here in Swiss Medica in Moscow for treatment for Parkinson’s disease. I was first diagnosed with Parkinson’s disease around 2009. and I’ve been slowly deteriorating over period of years. I did some research a while ago, there is no offers of any cures or treatment in the UK. I did some research on the internet and found that Swiss Medica offered a treatment, not a cure, but a treatment for Parkinson’s disease that may maintained my quality or even improve my quality of life. So I took up the option and came to Swiss Medica in Moscow, because I’ve never been to Russia or Moscow before and I’ve traveled a lot around the world, so it’s just part of a global sightseeing tour that I’ve taken up through my working life. The symptoms of my disease seem to be well under control. I this time had the full treatment where I received donor stem cells from umbilical cord and blood, as well as my own stem cells from adipose tissue and bone marrow. No adverse effects whatsoever.

No, apart from the actual drawing of the bone marrow. The actual injection the tapping for the bone marrow was a little bit (…), but there was no pain. With the actual withdrawal of the bone marrow, just caused me to tweak a little bit. I wouldn’t say it was painful, just causes a little bit of an irritation, which is not the most pleasant sensation in the world. But apart from that, you know, the treatment has gone without pain, although all the girls here seem to enjoy sticking catheters into me, which they do on a frequent bases.

Do I recommend the treatment? Yes, I do recommend the treatment to people. I’ve had people to my house and chatted to them. I tell them quite rightly it’s not a cure for the disease, it is a treatment to (…) the symptoms, prolong the quality of life and maybe even improve the quality of life (…) with the disease. I don’t think at the moment there is any cure for Parkinson’s, although this may be on the way in the next few years, but at the moment, I’m looking to maintain the quality of my life and possibly improve it.

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