Polyarthritis Stem Cells Treatment

Helene from Vienna, Austria Patient

My name is Helene, I come from Austria, from Vienna. I personally met a doctor from OPF in 2015. He explained to me that there is a new therapy, a therapy using stem cells. Stem cells are derived from the bone marrow, and they are returned to the body after filtering. I have had chronic polyarthritis for 12 years, and this is in fact my path, I am here to get this illness under control, or rather to cure it completely. I also met doctor Igor 2 or 3 years ago.

And I feel that the medical staff here is doing an exceptional job. The nurses have all been very kind to me. I am very, very happy with my therapy, and I hope that other people will choose this path and try to improve their health. In that sense I hope that I have done something good, and that everyone will follow my example. Thank you, bye.

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Polyarthritis Stem Cells Treatment
Dr. Aleksandra Fetyukhina, MD

Medical Advisor, Swiss Medica doctor

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