Primary Progressive MS Treatment Story: Patient Recovery Review

Lorraine from UK Patient

Hi, my name is Lorraine, I’m from the UK. I have Primary-Progressive MS. It was diagnosed approximately in December 2007. Primary-Progressive, there isn’t really a treatment for it readily available, so I’ve gone down the root of trying diet, I do hyperbaric oxygen, which I would strongly advise, acupuncture – really useful. So I’ve managed to slow down or drag out my symptoms. Oh, I do low dose naltrexone as well, which again is very useful. But I’ve managed to slow down, drag down my symptoms for about 9 years.

At the end of December I picked up a virus that was going around in the UK, and to be honest it knocked me for six. So I was really, really pulling it. And of course with it being a virus, there is nothing you can do. So I started looking on the web for ideas of how I could improve my quality of life myself.

I found Swiss Medica quite by accident, but I clicked on it, it’s got a really good website and it’s got a lot of testimonials from other people from the UK who’ve been over and had stem cell. And of course stem cell is quite big at the moment, so I was curious to know what was going on and so forth.

I got in touch with Swiss Medica, just made a general inquiry and Jana emailed me back and we had a few emails backwards and forwards. Nothing pushy, nothing, you know, down your neck, nothing. And then after about a week or so, Jana gave me a ring. Jana’s English is absolutely excellent, so we were able to have a proper conversation about stem cells and what my expectations were from the benefit of stem cell and, you know, what it could do for me.

So baring in mind I was coming out here, my husband was gonna bring me out, but I was gonna be spending 12 days out here on my own. I was really concerned about the idea of being on my own in the foreign country, with not speaking Serbian and so forth. It’s not been an issue.

The staff, from the cleaners right up to the chief doctor, their English is excellent. It’s just been brilliant, I’ve not been allowed to feel lonely, because there are so many treatments and therapies and you know… You get yourself so sorted out, it’s just unbelievable.

I never thought that I had a brain fog, because it sort of creeps up on people with MS. You kind of don’t know that you’ve got it. And then I had one particular treatment and the next thing I know is – poof! – you know, I can think clearly, which is just amazing! So my whole quality, my whole feeling about life is very upbeat and positive. My walking is better. I’m not gonna walk for you, because it wasn’t great and it’s still not brilliant, but it’s better than it was, I promise you. And obviously the stem cells haven’t kicked in yet.

So needless to say I would strongly, and I mean strongly, recommend Swiss Medica in Belgrade. I personally have had the best experience and I feel now as though I have the opportunity of moving forward, not backwards. Not looking for the next, I don’t know, downwards slide. I’m just very upbeat, very positive and I would strongly, strongly recommend it.

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Primary Progressive MS Treatment Story: Patient Recovery Review
Dr. Aleksandra Fetyukhina, MD

Medical Advisor, Swiss Medica doctor

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