Progressive Supranuclear Palsy Treatment Results

Maria from Italy Patient

So, where are we from? We are from the province of Cuneo, city of Alba, Italy. We came to Serbia because my wife had a serious problem and now she underwent an intervention in May, so we stayed at the clinic from fifteenth, from seventeenth to twenty seventh May.

She underwent two interventions, two infusions and there were several improvements during that period such as… her balance was better, facial expression, face has changed, arm movements improved almost the best as possible and she can speak much better, something which she couldn’t do before.

We expect further results as, of course, she is still under treatment and they told us here in the clinic that the results would be visible after three months and three months have passed recently which means that she had all these improvements much before these three months have elapsed.

We are very pleased that we had this transplantation with stem cells because we wanted in the first place to stop this disease in the condition in which it was because unfortunately it had progressed too fast and our expectations were at least to stop the disease progress and then all other improvements, if any, would be a plus only.

That is why we are very satisfied that the disease progress stopped progressing and and there were some improvements and these are big things as with her problem with disease such things may seem small, but for us these are seven miles steps. And she also feels better and as my dad says, we are very much satisfied because she received this transplantation of stem cells.

I can confirm what has been said. The truth is that there are improvements because they are visible and I can feel them now, with arms that and with legs…

We still wait for that …

The only problem is the lower part, legs that cannot be moved. And then it should be said that not only that we have seen improvements, but also doctors in Italy who do not know that mom received this stem cells transplantation, because in Italy it is not allowed yet, they have also seen improvements in her and that the improvements were predominantly in upper parts of the body and well they think that she has miraculously progressed due to physiotherapy she undergoes regularly but we know very well the reason why mom has made a progress and we are satisfied because of that.

We send our regards to you.

I confirm again what my daughter has told you because all those improvements are present, and I used to have a cadence in my speech, I don’t have any more. It is good this way.

Thank you.

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Progressive Supranuclear Palsy Treatment Results
Dr. Aleksandra Fetyukhina, MD

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