Essential Treamor Natural Treatment with Stem Cells

G. Kisarova, 46 yrs old from Slovakia/UK Patient

My working hours are now longer and more productive. My mental alertness and comprehension have accelerated significantly, thus enabling me to multi-task more and still give quality attention to all my activities. My hand tremors for the last 10 years have stopped by 95%. My renewed energy has brought me back to the gym 6 times a week doing aerobic dancing and weight training. This new regiment of physical activities truly makes me feel healthy and upbeat. Furthermore, I notice that my workouts are showing more results, losing pounds and inches. This is due to the increased body metabolism. Physically, I notice some tightness and glow in my skin tone.

I am thankful and happy that I did the stem cell therapy even if it is in its infant stage. The procedure has changed the way I look at ageing. I no longer dread the idea that I am getting old. With this procedure, I realized I can plan for my old age and extend my productive years. With stem cell therapy, age shall no longer limit experience! After 15 years, I will definitely get another stem cell therapy.

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Essential Treamor Natural Treatment with Stem Cells
Dr. Aleksandra Fetyukhina, MD

Medical Advisor, Swiss Medica doctor

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