Stem Cells Treatment for Multiple Sclerosis: Experience from Patient

Shaun Lawrence from UK Patient

My name is Shaun Lawrence, I am from the UK, I’m 50 and I was diagnosed with multiple sclerosis in 2009.

My disease has left me with a profound limp on my right leg. I’ve had slight bowl and urinary problems. Since coming to the Swiss Medica center I found that the treatment has been really good. It’s been very, very pain free, done to a very, very high standard and as soon as I received some stem cells, I started to feel an improvement in my right leg. I can now lift my leg higher than I could before and I’m finding that walking up and down the stairs, I can walk without actually holding on to the banister. The level of service here has been absolutely second to none with all of the staff.

The doctors are absolutely fantastic. The nurses, and the whole team… I was met at the airport, I was picked up by a Taxi and brought here. I’ve traveled alone, which was a slight concern when I left, but everything has gone absolutely perfectly and I can only highly recommend the services of the Moscow clinic to anyone with a disease such as mine.

Stem Cells Treatment for Multiple Sclerosis: Experience from Patient

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