Stroke Treatment with Stem Cells

Carl Ayres from UK Patient

Hello, I’m Julie – Carl’s mom. Carl had a stroke in 2015. We came to Moscow in January, and he had his first lot of stem cells treatment. After that he became a lot stronger, able to lift his right arm which he couldn’t do. He can now eat a proper dinner which he couldn’t eat at all. He is just mentally and physically stronger. We have come back to Moscow for the second of treatments and I’m hoping that this will make him even more stronger. he can move his left arm now, and we would like to see more progress with that. We will return in four months time, for the last lot of stem cells, and just look forward to the future. I do believe stem cells work, and thank you very much Swiss Medica.

We’ve seen improvement in Carl right from the beginning really, as Julie said. Difference in his ability to move his limbs, the way that his mood has improved, the way that he can eat, and it’s just given Carl a whole new ease of life to know that there’s something out there that can help him and he is fighting every step of the way to improve himself and the stem cells helped obviously. Positive attitude and an optimistic outlook which is exactly what Carl has got…. and that all helps to force the improvement that Carl is making. We’ll wait to see what improvements he makes from this lot of stem cells he had this time, but we have no doubt what so ever that it is going to make a huge improvements and difference in Carl’s life, and we look forward to coming back again in four months time and repeat this process again. And hopefully, this time next year we will be sitting here with Carl and he will make vast improvements. We’ve been happy to have been here and really greatfull for the help and the support that the clinic has given us for during this time.

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Stroke Treatment with Stem Cells
Dr. Aleksandra Fetyukhina, MD

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