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Stroke treatment rehabilitation experience with stem cells

Client: Ms. L. Hansson, 67

Country: Sweden

May, 2011:

“My name is L.Hansson and I am a stroke survivor. I am 6 years post stroke. I had a hemorrhagic stroke on May 22, 2005. I had my stem cell therapy on March 17, 2011 together with neurorehabilitation treatment: brain therapy by magnetic field, transcranial brain stimulation and physiotherapy. It was very simple and painless. It is like killing 2 birds with one stone.You get a liposuction and a stem cell transplant all at once. They donot take out that much fat but fat is fat. Almost instantly I felt better but it must have been psychological. I kept on dreaming afterwards that I was walking but it was only a dream.After 2 weeks I felt a need to move so I got up and started to walk without a cane, a feat I had been unable to do in the past. I could only walk about 25 feet but that was good enough for me. I then took my cane and realized I had better balance in both feet. It felt like my left leg which is the weak one had “grown” longer. It hit the floor much better than it used to. I started walking around the house like a child in a toy store. By the way, my left hand which was contracted is looser now meaning it is more relaxed and open. Even my nail girl noticed it when she did my manicure, she said your left hand is much softer now, so it was not my imagination working overtime again. She has always had to struggle with my left hand but this time it was a breeze. I keep waiting for more improvements because I know they will come. My youngest daughter is getting married on September 23 and my goal is to walk down the isle rather than be wheeled. Bet I could do it. Stem cell is the cure of the future. I believe in it and as long as you believe there is hope.”

January, 2012:

“These are some new improvements in my condition. I can now walk and do transfers barefooted. This something I could not do before since I could not stop my toes on the left foot from clenching when I stood. I can now control them to stay flat. I also discovered that I can go from sitting position to standing without putting my lifting chair all the way up; not very easily but I can do it. These are not very big improvements but I am excited that I am still improving one year after my fat stem cell therapy. I will keep you posted on anymore improvements as they happen.”

March, 2012:

“MORE IMPROVEMENT!! I have this excercycle that i seldom used because my husband had to tie my foot to the pedal so it would not slip off. Now I can use it and my foot stays put. I can also get in and out of bed unassisted with more ease. I could do it before but with a lot of difficulty so that I had to think twice before getting out of bed since i was never sure if I could get back in. My husband could not attend conventions out of town since I could not be left alone.

Now he is free to go. Most of my improvement have to do with my left leg and foot. I can also walk around the house, before I have to sit down and I am exhausted. I was hoping for improvement in my left hand but I guess not. The neurologist did tell me it was hopeless but she also told me that I could not expect improvement past 6 months post stroke.It has been almost 8 years and I am still improving so I have hope. I will keep you posted on more improvements as they occur. Kind regards.

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