Stem Cell Treatment for Stroke at Swiss Medica

Carl A. from UK Patient

While we were at Swiss Medica in Moscow, Carl actually turned over in bed, it just absolutely made my day, it was absolutely amazing. Carl had a stroke, the 5th of January 2015. after taking cocaine. It was what it was mixed with that caused him to have a brain stem stroke. Just totally broke my heart. I won’t ever give up on him. My whole life has changed completely, I now can’t work, I’m 24-hour care of Carl, so you know, if I want to go out, shopping or whatever, I have to book somebody in basically, to come and look after him. It has just totally changed my life. But, I love my son to pieces, and you know, I would do anything I can to help him get better.

Here in the UK, they told me that Carl wouldn’t live, that was the first thing they’ve told us and then they’ve told us that he would have a locked-in syndrome, which obviously he came out of that. They have said that it is an absolute miracle with the brain stem stroke that he has had, that he is actually here. He went to a rehabilitation centre in London, but we just had to get him out of there, cause it was just awful. So he went to Southampton to another rehabilitation centre, where they helped him a great deal. One of the staff down there told me that Carl wouldn’t improve, they got him basically as far as they could get him. So obviously I went to pieces, wouldn’t accept that, so I gave up my job. Whilst I was giving up my job, speaking to my boss, she’s said to me “Have you ever heard of stem cell treatment?” So I spent days upon days looking, researching… There was places in America, places in Mexico and then I come across Swiss Medica. I liked the sound of it, it just felt right, that you know, that was the place to take Carl and then obviously we went over. They were absolutely amazing. Since then, since we were over and have been back, Carl couldn’t eat, he could eat just pureed food. He is now eating proper food, like you and I eat.

The middle part of his tongue couldn’t move, he’s now got movement in there, which is brilliant for the swallowing, the speaking and everything else. His breathing has improved, with no end. He can now sneeze, cough, which he couldn’t do before. He’s a lot, a lot stronger, an awful lot stronger than what he was. He couldn’t move his left arm at all, he can now lift his arm and move his fingers. So every day we’re seeing like slight improvements, every day.

I would recommend Swiss Medica to anybody. They are absolutely amazing. The stem cells have worked, along with therapy. Definitely, you know, it has worked. The people over there, they just couldn’t do enough for us, you know, they were kind, friendly, amazing, absolutely amazing. And to me, I feel that, hadn’t have worked, I wouldn’t have known that unless I tried it. So I feel that you have to give these things a go, otherwise, you would never know.

I am very positive towards Carl’s recovery, I do believe he will walk, I don’t know about the talking, cause that’s very, very hard for him to get it all together. But I do believe he will walk, I am very optimistic about that and you know, if the treatment at Swiss Medica can help him even more, then it’s worth every penny.

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Stem Cell Treatment for Stroke at Swiss Medica
Dr. Aleksandra Fetyukhina, MD

Medical Advisor, Swiss Medica doctor

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