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Before and after MS treatment documented by UK television

Meet Patrick Van Benthem, 57 years old.
He has had Primary Progressive MS since 2006. For 10 years he was prescribed drugs to minimize its impact. Regardless, the disease quickly progressed. Patrick had to quit his job, couldn’t drive a car, and couldn’t enjoy regular activities. Steroids did nothing for him. He felt pain at every foot drop and couldn’t even raise his legs. His entire arm had gone completely numb.
He went to his neurologist for help, who referred him for NHS stem cell treatment. But, Patrick was denied treatment because his MS had not progressed “enough” to meet the therapy’s strict criteria.
So, Patrick made the life-changing decision to go overseas for treatment. UK television documented the entire process — from before treatment to recovery. The results are incredibly encouraging to anyone with MS or someone with a loved one who suffers from MS. Watch this video.

Swiss Medica patients documented by newspapers

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    Dan P.

    Our daughter she’s from born with profound hypoacusia and we had only one option the cochlear implant.But after research …

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    Nikolina K.

    My husband has MS. He was diagnosed 10 years ago. The disease had progressed for the last year. We …

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  • Swiss Medica Review
    John H.

    With my Relapsing-Remitting MS (EDSS 6.0) condition, I did not have many options regarding treatment, so I decided to …

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  • Swiss Medica Review
    Francesca P.

    This winter my father flew out to Swiss Medica in Slovenia to treat his type 2 diabetes. His treatment …

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    Sébastien V.

    My father has MS. He was diagnosed 10 years ago. He had 2 or 3 attacks per year in …

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    Joseph J.

    An amazing facility with a great staff. i have been to the clinic in Moscow 3 times and my …

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Multiple Sclerosis

United Kingdom

“I feel like I’m 50 years old again. I’m 80% better from my admission”.I feel significant improvement. It has changed my life.I had to hold on to the handrail and literally pull my self up. Now I can walk. I no longer need an ankle brace and walking stick. I go to the gym 3 times a week. Mobility improved. Bowel and urinary disappeared

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Diabetes 2


Treatment results:
– Before the treatment. the sugar level was easily above 200-250.
After the treatment, the sugar level was reduced and stabilized (around 100-120)
– Better vision
“I can see more clearly. I can drive a car in the daytime without glasses. And also when i read and work on a laptop, I have a better vision without glasses”
– Increased vitality. “The desire to eat became more manageable and I experienced less hunger. My lifestyle or rather, my diet has changed”
– The weight dropped around 4.5 kg.

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I’ve started noticing that my mind was getting clearer. Before it was foggy and blearly, I had to think hard in order to have a conversation etc. Now i think a lot faster and my condition improved a lot. Especially my mental state. I also started running and going to the mountain. I play a little bit of football with my with my grandchildren. It helped me live and breathe


United Kingdom

My mom is walking better. She’s holding conversation better. They’ve made a great improvement into my mom’s speech. My mother can wear a 3,5 inch heel whereas before she couldn’t. She goes up and down stairs, no problem. She’s taking more care of herself. She looks good, she feels good.

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Medical Advisor, Swiss Medica doctor

Medical Advisor, Swiss Medica doctor

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