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Recovery of Brain Hemorrhage with Stem Cells

Client: Stephan

Country: UK

Well, I was very fit and healthy and 2 years and 6 months ago I had a brain hemorrhage and I was very seriously ill. I have been up until the last… Until the end of September 2014., when I was admitted to the hospital. And since then, I must admit, I had a little bit of progress, until I came here to Swiss Medica.

They did a range of treatments , which they’ve done over the last 2 weeks. As for the results, I must say, I began to see some real differences and I don’t think it would be unfair to say that I’ve actually seen as much progress since starting the treatment as I had in a previous 2 years.

I was quite dubious about sending off my deposit, but being absolutely delighted by both care of the medical team and for example the nursing team here and yes, I’ve had a decent experience. I would always recommend it.

If you’re used to NHS, they do things in a very different way, in that they rely a lot on manual lifting as appose to (…) adaptations. But once you overcome that kind of cultural shock, if you’re prepared to go with it and the way I would describe it (…) , hang onto your sense of humor, then I think, you know… I really think it’s worthwhile coming, I really do.

And as I said, I’m beginning to see some progress, so I’m hoping… And they have said ‘Don’t expect much yet, but in a couple of months you’ll see a difference, you may see a difference. Everybody’s different’, they have told me that. But based on the results so far, I would thoroughly recommend it.

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Our primary task is to make your own cells treat your own body. We use advanced technology to activate mesenchymal stem cells derived from adipose tissue, bone marrow, etc. Donated cells can also be used. Introduced to the patient’s body, these cells help to regenerate damaged tissue. Symptoms become less obvious and/or disappear.

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