Rejuvenation Treatment for Traumatic Brain Injury

William Sandler from USA Patient

My name is William Sandler, I’m from Las Vegas, Nevada in America, I’m 60 years old. I came to Swiss Medica for the rejuvenation therapy, because I have many different problems from various accidents I’ve been in, serious car accidents, scuba diving accident, hospitalization and so on. Why I had the rejuvenation theory was because I wasn’t quite sure about stem cell therapy and all of that entailed, so I decided to start with just rejuvenation and see how it affected me and what Swiss Medica clinic was like and also Moscow the city and the culture of Russia.

So probably my biggest complaint was the traumatic brain injury I had in a car accident when I was 20 years old and I never had any kind of medical advice or treatment for that, I just learnt to live with it and adjusted the way I thought about the world, practice yoga and improve diet. My diet was not so good before that and then I’ve made improvements with that. So I had that problem as well as shattered knee cap and weakness in actually both legs, knees, especially.

I live with these problems for many years and then also another serious car accident, when I was 46 and in that accident I had damaged my lumbar spine and torn cartilage in my wrist and also I had tendonitis developing in my elbows. So, so many problems, I thought a basic rejuvenation therapy would be my best option. So I came to the clinic for 9 days stay and my bronchitis was a problem for a body and I didn’t know what to do about it and then after the rejuvenation of just 3 days, the bronchitis had cleared up and since then I’ve been sneezing and blowing my nose and producing mucus, just like everyone else. So I feel, for no other reason, just that problem alone being solved is worth my trip to Moscow and the clinic. But then other things I began to notice were that my eyesight became clearer and I have sensitivity to brightness which has gone down less and less. I’ve just been out of the clinic for one week, so I’m still experiencing these improvements. Also I have tinnitus in one of my ears from my scuba diving accident and I was hoping that that would subside, but the tinnitus is still there, but yet I did experience sensations in my ear that I never had before. Different sounds and seemed my hearing improved on and off for a short time after the oxygen and laser fusion.

I have a serious lower back problem. Damage to the nerves in the car accident and a lot of stress from that. And now it seems like the stress isn’t affecting me like it did before, I feel more relaxed and it seems that I have much more energy than I used to have.

So these things are really important to me, because for many years I’ve made no improvement in solving these issues and now I’m happy that I came to the clinic. As I said, I’ve only been out of the clinic for one week and still experiencing different sensations and improvements.

I would recommend Swiss Medica, because it’s helped me really a lot and I’ve learned about stem cell therapy and will consider that as my next method of treatment. I’m not completely recovered and healed from these issues, but still made improvement. Moscow is a very nice city, people are friendly, it’s very clean, excellent metro system. So it’s a good place for vacation, as well as having the medical treatment at Swiss Medica.

Well, it’s completely different than it is in America. They are experts at stopping injuries and problems from getting worse, but because of the system they have they don’t really know or encourage practices that will improve health, they just are experts at not making it get worse and hopefully on your own you’ll find different ways and methods to improve your health. And for me, one of those was coming to Swiss Medica.

And what about cuisine, Russian cuisine? Does it differ much?

Well, the food is very good and staff at the hospital was very accommodating and helpful and any type of food I wanted to eat was provided. The room I stayed was luxurious, large and comfortable and staff always there to help me. I had an excellent translator and they just overwhelmed me with their kindness and helpfulness and sympathy and compassion for injured people as myself.

People abroad are saying that Russia is not a safe country, so what can you say about this? How do you feel?

Well, to come to Russia I first had to get a visa, special visa, which I’ve never had to do before, so I haven’t ever traveled here and only have I ever traveled to Ukraine. And so I first went to Ukraine and then into Russia on the train and no problems at all. It was interesting for me, because I never planned on going to Moscow or Russia before. I was first planning to go to the clinic in Belgrade, Serbia. And then I’ve had a change of plans and since I’ve been studying Russian for several years, I wanted to practice it and hear it spoken. My Russian is not very good, so I really needed the environment of many people speaking Russian and trying to speak the language and understand it, but I wouldn’t say that that was a prerequisite, I think that there’s people that speak English and everything is very orderly and no threats from people, because you’re from a different country or from America. So no problems at all and I would like to come back and have the stem cell therapy some day.

Thank you.

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Rejuvenation Treatment for Traumatic Brain Injury
Dr. Aleksandra Fetyukhina, MD

Medical Advisor, Swiss Medica doctor

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