Regenerated Insulin Producing Beta Cells in Pancreas after Stem Cells Now in Non-Diabetic Range

Castaldo Celeste Michele from USA Patient

Hi! My name is Celeste. I am an American. I am here in Belgrade at the Swiss Medica Clinic. I just finished my second visit to Belgrade to do stem cell therapy here at Swiss Medica, and I am so happy with my results.

Two years ago, I visited for the first time, and at that time I did a bone marrow aspirate to extract my stem cells, and then I had my stem cells infused. And I had really great results. I had a C-Peptide 0.03 when I started… two years before I did the therapy, which is very low.

I had been diagnosed as a type one diabetic when I was five years old. That was many, many years ago, and… so I’ve been dealing with the blood sugar issues and all those health issues since that time. And, um, I had really great results. So, after the first therapy I did, the stem cell therapy, I almost doubled my C-Peptides. It went from 0.03 to 0.05. That’s measuring how much insulin the body is making on its own. And so, I was really thrilled actually about those results. I said: “Wow, it almost doubled.” So, if I keep doubling, eventually I can get to normal.

Then yesterday, when I was finishing all of my therapies here… This is my second visit and I did a lot more therapy this time. So, I did stem cell therapy from the cord, umbilical cord stem cell. I also had a donor mesenchymal stem cell that was donated from another patient, from their bone marrow. And then I did my own bone marrow aspirate, and I also did the adipose. So, I’ve done all those therapies now this time.

But when I arrived here for this time, they took my blood and tested me.

And so, before starting my second round of therapies this time, my C-Peptide level was up to 1.15, which is amazing. It’s almost like a miracle. This just doesn’t happen. You don’t find this in the medical literature.

People having to deal with type one diabetes for many, many, many years… getting their C-Peptide levels up to normal… 1.0 is normal, and I was up to 1.15 before even starting the therapies again this time. So, I am so impressed. I’m so happy, and… I had great results.

I had noticed already I reduced my insulin intake in requirement from 22 units of Lantus prior to doing this stem cell therapy two years ago down to 18 units immediately following the stem cell therapy last time. So, I had a major reduction in insulin requirement.

Also, my hemoglobin A1c was starting at 6.5 before I’d done the therapies last time. I’m down to 5.9 now, which is amazing. These are again getting into like non-diabetic ranges, and I’m so thrilled. And the experience has been really good. The doctors are amazing. I feel blessed, really blessed to have worked with the team at Swiss Medica. The doctors are extremely knowledgeable. They are on the cutting edge of regenerative medicine.

And I don’t think anyone are getting these results anywhere in the world, except for very few patients who have been… Recently, there’s been some research showing that early onset type one diabetes… getting stem cell therapy treatments and some immunotherapy treatments immediately following diagnosis of early onset have had results similar to these. And those, again, are very few.

So, for me, with a long standing history, getting these incredible results… I’m just now looking forward to see what will happen after the second round of therapies. I’m hoping absolutely for the best and working on regenerating more beta cells to produce more insulin, and…

Eventually, I’m hoping to get off the insulin, of course, as we all dream about, people having blood sugar issues who require insulin. Everyone, of course, would like to achieve that as well.

And so, let’s see what happens in the future, but right now I can say these are outstanding results… up to a 1.15 C-Peptide in two years, after the first single stem cell therapy I did with Swiss Medica.

And I definitely encourage people who are dealing with the blood sugar issues, who’ve dealt with diabetes, to seriously consider this therapy. It’s working, it’s really working. We have proof. It’s very easy to do. There’s no pain, and it’s… amazing results. So, thank you.

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Regenerated Insulin Producing Beta Cells in Pancreas after Stem Cells Now in Non-Diabetic Range
Dr. Aleksandra Fetyukhina, MD

Medical Advisor, Swiss Medica doctor

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