Diabetes Type 1 UK Patient Treatment Story

Oliver Lee from Briston, UK Patient

Can you say a few words? What’s your name? Where are you from, please?

I’m Oliver Lee and I’m from Bristol in the UK.

And what disease do you have?

Type 1 diabetes.

How long have you been suffering from it?

Since I was 8.

So for a long time?

18 years.

18 years. And tell some words about the treatment that you’ve had and the results.

First treatment I’ve had was in Switzerland for 2 weeks and my combined insulin dosage went down by 25%, from 60 to 45, on average.

And when did you have your first treatment?

A year ago.

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Diabetes Type 1 UK Patient Treatment Story
Dr. Aleksandra Fetyukhina, MD

Medical Advisor, Swiss Medica doctor

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