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Alzheimer's Disease Treatment with Stem Cells Therapy

Alzheimer’s disease or simply AD is a form of dementia. It is a serious neurological disorder, causing a person to lose memory and suffer from cognitive decline. The disease is asymptomatic and in time gets consistently worse. This is an incurable illness, which typically leads to death. Most often, Alzheimer’s disease is diagnosed in elderly people, though it can attack younger population, as well.

Pic. 1. In Alzheimer’s disease, changes in tau protein lead to the disintegration of microtubules in brain cells.

Alzheimer’s syndrome and Consequences of the Disease

Alzheimer’s syndrome is caused by the progressive death of brain cells. It often results from a certain combination of genetic, behavioural and environmental factors. Scientists do not yet understand entirely what causes this illness, but it is obvious that AD severely damages the brain.

Pic. 2. Comparison of a normal aged brain (left) and the brain of a person with Alzheimer’s (right).

Affected by this disease, the brain loses its cells and connections between them. Along with cells dying, the brain undergoes certain shrinkage. At first, the only symptoms of this process are mild confusion or increasing forgetfulness. However, in time, AD robs a patient of most of the memories. If a person does not undergo a serious Alzheimer’s therapy, he or she starts suffering from disorientation, speaking and writing problems, social withdrawal, anxiety and depression. Patients suffering from this disease lose their ability to think and reason, make judgments and decisions, plan and perform even simple tasks.

Alzheimer’s stem cells treatment in Swiss Medica ХХI Century

Stem cell therapy – the key treatment mode used in our clinic – is based on insertion of new adult stem cells into mutilated tissue. Many specialists are sure that this method has the potential to alleviate suffering of patients with AD. Stem cells have the unique ability to self-renew; they stimulate subsequent generating of certain tissues and the whole body.

The method of stem cells in Alzheimer’s treatment does not involve any donors. To create new beta cells we use the cells contained in the patient’s bone marrow and/or fat tissue. These mesenchymal stem cells easily transform into different tissue types, after they are injected into human body. Having immune modulatory properties, which are similar to those of cells from different origins, patient’s own stem cells help in the regrowth of healthy brain tissue.

This method allows our specialists to repair the damage caused to people with AD in the progressive stages of the disease. Numerous scientific researches prove that stem cells make a great contribution to rebuilding damaged nerve fibers. Additionally, because mesenchymal stem cells are a part of patient’s body naturally, there is no risk of rejection, side effects or allergic reactions.

Advantages of Stem Cell Therapy in Swiss Medica clinic

Adult Autologous Stem Cell Therapy in Swiss Medica ХХI century is the innovative method of treatment used for a number of diseases. Absence of rejection, side effects and immune reactions is explained by relationship between the organism and its own mesenchymal stem cells. This is why a patient cannot be infected by transmissible illnesses. As adult stem cells are mature enough, the clients in our clinic are not in danger of oncological complications.

During the therapy process, no general anesthesia is needed. Our specialists take small amounts of body tissue in order to reach the stem cells, placed in either bone marrow or abdominal area, which are both easily accessible. After this simple process is completed, stem cells are separated from the tissue and activated. Finally, they are returned to patient’s body using a simple IV dip. All of this is done within only a couple of hours. The procedure is completely safe, quick, simple and painless. As for the results of stem cell Alzheimer’s treatment, they are generally very successful.

It is extremely important to Swiss Medica clinic that we take care of every patient and we always aspire to demonstrate the best results of our investigations and work. The team of highly qualified specialists reinforced with the newest equipment, provide our clients with safe and effective treatment, proper aftercare and further medical help.

Our clinic has developed the program of Adult Autologous Stem Cell Therapy allowing the treatment of the variety of conditions, one of them being Alzheimer’s disease. In the process of stem cells treatment, 200 – 300 million cells are placed into the patient’s body. The amount of plain restored cells exceeds the person’s daily losses by thousands of times. Naturally, such active cell replenishment rejuvenates and renews separate organs and the whole body, displacing damaged and old cells.

SwissMedica ХХI Century has been working for 20 years already. Its successful clinical experience covers restoration and revitalization of the body. Our specialists prevent a number of serious age related and chronic diseases. Working with modern technologies, we are constantly improving our knowledge, developing skills and approaches in this field.

Undergoing treatment in our clinic, patients receive activated autologous mesenchymal stem cells therapy. The cells are taken from bone marrow or/and adipose. The procedures stop autoimmune aggression of the body on the cells producing insulin, renewing the pancreas’ destroyed areas and thus restoring their functions.

The advantages of our treatment system:

  1. Side effects and rejection free (patient’s very own stem cells from the abdomen and/or bone marrow are used).
  2. Avoidance of any allergic and immune reactions (patient’s own cells suit chromosomal and genetic structure).
  3. Does not require general anesthesia.
  4. No risk of contamination by transmissible diseases.
  5. No oncological complications as adult stem cells in the comparison to embryonic cells are rather mature.
  6. Procedure is very quick and simple. Small quantity of cells are extracted from bone marrow and/or fat tissue. Combination of the two can often show the best results.
  7. The period of time between getting lipoaspirate and injection of the activated stem cells is only a few hours.
  8. Adult stem cells are superior over embryonic stem cells, because they don’t require growth of several moths and come from patient’s own body, which is why there is no risk of side effects after the treatment.

The SwissMedica ХХI Century clinic offers its clients safe and effective treatment supported by the team of highly qualified professionals. We realize the importance of conducting personalized care and promise proven results. Our aim is reaching the top standards of treatment for every patient – and we always succeed in it.

A patient can undergo medical treatment in Swiss Medica ХХI Century in Moscow (Russia), Belgrade (Serbia) or Switzerland.

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Our primary task is to make your own cells treat your own body. We use advanced technology to activate mesenchymal stem cells derived from adipose tissue, bone marrow, etc. Donated cells can also be used. Introduced to the patient’s body, these cells help to regenerate damaged tissue. Symptoms become less obvious and/or disappear.

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