CIDP Treatment with Stem Cells

Bridjet Whyte from Ireland Patient

My name is Bridjet Whyte, I’m from Ireland, I am 69 years of age. I suffer from demyelinating neuropathy, have very little mobility in my legs, from the knees down. I came here for treatment and I found all staff very helpful and very kind and the medical staff excellent, nothing was too much trouble for them, willing to answer any questions I had about my procedures and how they hope it would help me. The accommodation was very spacious, our laundry was done for us all the time and I couldn’t fault anybody for anything that happened while I was here. They made my stay very, very pleasant, I must say.

I had a lot of procedures. I’m here for 12 days and I had 6 infusions from stem cells, which I found OK. Getting the needle in your arm, you feel it, but once that was done it went straight forward, nothing else. I had stem cells removed twice. I knew it was going on, but it wasn’t very painful or that, I found it was OK, I could manage it, it was nothing that I felt too uncomfortable about. I was happy enough with it all. And like that, the doctors there explained what they were doing and how that would help me with what they were doing. So I couldn’t say any of those things were very, very painful or too uncomfortable, it was grand, now I must say.

Well, I won’t really know how well it will help me. I have felt stronger now, since I have come out here. But I feel as I go on, hopefully I will feel more benefit from it, as time goes by, I’m hoping I’ll feel more benefit from it. I would say I have a little bit better control of my right leg, which just flopped down beforehand. Now I can let it down a little bit easier, more gradual. And what else could I say I feel better of… I just feel stronger in myself, I’d say, now, and hopefully when I go home I will progress, get stronger as time goes by.

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CIDP Treatment with Stem Cells
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