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Dementia treatment results after stem cells therapy

Client: Margaret

Country: United Kingdom

My name is Darrel Evans, this is my mother Margaret Evans. We’ve been to Moscow for some stem cell therapy. We are second time around and we will be returning in September. My mother has something that is called Frontotemporal dementia, but something else that comes along with it, which is called MND and we flew to Russia first time in September 2015. for treatment for my mother. Well, my mother has a certain kind of stem cell, which is umbilical cord stem cells. My mother also has had another course of revive injections coming through the post by DHL, that was manufactured for my mum in Frankfurt last week, it was here on Monday morning. Her next lot of treatment, I believe that doctor Vitaly is growing my mother’s own stem cells. My mum is walking better, she’s holding conversations better with us, meaning the family. She looks good, she feels good and we can’t ask for anything else, can we? No. We’ll be back again in September.

They’ve made a great improvement to my mum’s speech and my mum holding better and clearer conversations with us. She’s walking around much better. My mother can now wear a 3 and a half inch heel, where’s before she couldn’t. She goes up and down the stairs, no problem. She’s taking more care of herself in appearance and she has more interest in her family, her home and everybody that is, you know, involved in my mum’s treatment.

Here in the UK stem cell therapy is not very recognized, but we’re happy with the results and if we can keep my mum how she is, what more could we ask for. When we first found Swiss Medica, as with anybody that is diagnosed with an illness, you’re clinging on to straws, you do the best that you can. Wherever you can go or whatever you’ve got to do, you’ll do. They handed us a lifeline and we took it, and I would recommend anybody who has a problem, whether it is a mental illness, any kind of health issue, they would be the first people that I would contact. And I have recommend it, Swiss Medica, to people who have arthritis and who also have neurological problems. And I believe that 2 out of the 3 people who I’ve recommended are now having treatment with Swiss Medica.

How was the experience in Moscow?

Very good!

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