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A therapy where light performs as a natural antibiotic

Ultraviolet Blood Irradiation is a therapy that increases body’s immune response in a safe and natural way. This procedure exposes blood to the light that leads to killing harmful infections. When viruses and bacteria are under this type of UV light, bloodstream is five times more capable of absorbing photonic energy. Body’s response is similar to vaccination, and it is autogenous and safe, after which the immune system is trained to target and overcome certain infections easier. The procedure takes only 35cc of blood, which is enough to be treated in order to provoke a positive response from the organism.

Depending on patient’s condition, duration of illness, state of immune system and treatment methods used in the past, doctors will decide what amount of Ultraviolet blood therapy is needed. It can be used in a Specific and Non-specific way, meaning it can treat lymph cancer and psoriasis, as well as auto-immune diseases (in a form of an immune modulating therapy), chronic infections and fatigue.

Benefits of this treatment include:

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Parkinson's disease
Lyme disease
Multiple Sclerosis
Diabetes type 2
Kidney Disease

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About Swiss Medica clinic

Our primary task is to make your own cells treat your own body. We use advanced technology to activate mesenchymal stem cells derived from adipose tissue, bone marrow, etc. Donated cells can also be used. Introduced to the patient’s body, these cells help to regenerate damaged tissue. Symptoms become less obvious and/or disappear.

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