Cure for Lyme Disease – Stem Cells Treatment

Tahlia Smith from Australia Patient

I didn’t drive all of last year, ‘cause I couldn’t feel my legs and having seizures. But yeah, just that freedom of like getting in your car and being able to go anywhere.

Hi, my name is Tahlia Smith, I’m 22 years old and I come from Australia, New South Wales, I’m from a little country town called Morpeth.

In 2013. I took my first turn, I guess you can call it, and I lost my whole feeling down the complete right hand side of my body. Then I just kind of started to get sicker and sicker as the time gone on. It wasn’t until we started seeing lots of doctors and specialists, I saw 27 in total, that we were wondering what was going on and then Lyme disease got brought to my attention. And we looked into it further and we got a doctor down in Sydney and they tested and in January last year in 2015., I got my results back saying that I was positive to chronic Lyme disease and two co-infections, which are bacterial infections and they were Babesia and Bortonella.

One night I got numb and it didn’t return, the feeling didn’t return and I couldn’t feel from my waist down. I stood up and fell straight to the ground. The following night I had my first seizure. And ever since then I was having seizures every 23-24 hours a day. We had to go overseas to Europe, to Germany first, to a place called Cam and I had apheresis, which is blood filtering and that was to draw out some of the Lyme and draw out any toxins, pesticides, inflammation etc, that was in my blood, but shouldn’t have been there.

So I had two rounds of that first and then I was flying to Serbia, where I was with the head doctors from Swiss Medica and they were fantastic. They were really, really good. I was very well looked after. Nurses there were so great, I’m still in contact with them today. You know, they’re like friends now and they were lovely, lovely people. And they even provided a translator, an English translator, her name was Jana and she was so lovely. Very kind, all of them, all the doctors, they were very kind and caring.

I feel that stem cells has really aided in getting me to where I am today and also making me strong, because after the hypothermia and all the initial treatment I had had prior to going to Swiss Medica, internally my body was in a bad way and they brought up my levels. I don’t think I would be as strong as what I am now, to this day, without the stem cells. Because they provided, you know, a lot of goodness to my body and things that I needed that I probably wouldn’t have right now, if I didn’t have the stem cells. Just simple things like having energy to walk down the street or just to get up out of bed. Things I couldn’t do last year, stem cells have really helped and I highly recommend them to anyone, especially Swiss Medica, because not only do you get like a new body, out of the end process, but you also get like new friends and a lot of great depth into the information about your body, that you didn’t know about. And yeah, everything is very well explained and you are very well looked after. So I highly recommend it.

You know, it is a long road, I still have a long road to go. I’ve come a long way, that’s for sure, but the journey isn’t over just yet. So it’s about building my immunity right now and you know, focusing on the future and what I want to do and being happy and staying healthy.

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Cure for Lyme Disease - Stem Cells Treatment
Dr. Aleksandra Fetyukhina, MD

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