Lyme Disease Cure with Stem Cells

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I first heard about the treatment from my doctor in Australia. He recommended the stem cell therapy, but they don’t offer it for borreliosis in Australia. Australia is very behind when it comes to chronic lyme, borreliosis. We also heard about it from a friend who goes to the same clinic as I do, Talia Smith, who has been here and she has had a lot of successes.

I have been extremely, extremely happy with all the doctors here. The service that they have provided has been so personalized. They looked over me, I had a problem with my lungs and pain in my lungs for going on 3 and half years and not one doctor picked it up in Australia. Within 2-3 days of being here I went to a cardiologist and then pulmonologist, I think that’s how you pronounce it, and within 3-4 days they had drained my lungs painlessly, I just had to take diuretics. The pain in my lungs have gone and that was one of my strongest pains and I honestly can’t tell you how brilliant that was.

Ivan, the physiotherapist, he has done wonders with my right leg, which I’ve had extreme amounts of pain, I’ve had to be on OxyContin almost 4 times a day, plus sometimes Panadol, because it’s been so bad. Within the 2 and a half weeks I’ve been here, the pain has gone down at least 60% and he says it will go down further, the longer the treatment goes on, once I find a good physiotherapist in Australia.

I didn’t have much hope when I first came here, because I’ve been to Germany for hypothermia and they did not personalize the treatment at all. It was “You do this, this and this” and you’ll be better and 2 years later, I’m here.

You know, doctor Igor, all the staff here, have been so fantastic. Ceca, Sandra, Goca… I can’t rave enough about the staff and how beautiful and loving and attentive they have been to me. Any problem I’ve had, they have looked into it, more than just passing it off as “That’s just a borreliosis, that’s just a symptom of a borreliosis”. They’ve looked at it, they’ve just been so incredible here. I would love to recommend it to other people.

I would like to wait the three months, for the stem cells to fully rejuvenate and then tell people about it. But I am just really, really happy with how everything’s gone. You know, I had to stay almost another week and they haven’t charged us and they haven’t made me feel guilty for staying any longer than I’ve had to. They have never been annoyed with any kind of problems that I have given them such as, you know, having to sleep in the procedure room several times because of my seizures. All the staff here have just been so incredible and I would definitely recommend to come here and try this. I can’t say enough about it.

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Lyme Disease Cure with Stem Cells
Dr. Aleksandra Fetyukhina, MD

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