Multiple Sclerosis Treatment Results After Stem Cell Therapy at Swiss Medica

Shaun Lawrence from UK Patient

I go to the gym 3 times a week: Monday, Wednesday and Friday. I have improved drastically since going to Moscow and having the treatment. Initially, my bad leg, which is my right leg, I could only lift several kilograms of weight and my good leg I could lift 34 kilograms. I’ve now got my bad leg up to 30 kilograms, and actually, I can get it on to a machine and use it alongside my other foot, which initially I couldn’t do. It’s a significant improvement and that’s within 3 months, I think I’ve started going in January and it’s now April.

“My name is Mary, I’m Shaun’s mom. I was very worried before Shaun went to Moscow for his treatment. I was firstly worried about how he would manage getting there and on his own. I would have liked him to have company, but once he arrived he rang and told us that he was alright and that everyone was very nice to him and helped him tremendously. I was worried beforehand, in case it wasn’t all true. I was worried that maybe it was a scam and that he had sent money to an unknown source and I was thinking that he would perhaps not be met at the airport and all the things that could go wrong, that go through a mom’s mind. So, I was very pleased when things went well. So, when he returned we met him at the airport and I was so pleased to see him so happy. He told us small things that it happened, but when he told us the whole of the fourth night that he had been there and the procedures that he had and how he had felt afterwards, and they were all of great benefit to him. We were waiting for a fall, but fortunately, it was only up and up and up, all the time.”

“You can tell how excited he was about going out to Moscow, even though it was over Christmas. He was like “Oh, we can just do all our Christmas plans when I get back. We can have Christmas and New Year all together. And then when he came back, he was saying that he’d been poked and prodded, but he was glad he’d done it and then he said instantly he felt better, you can tell by him crying, when he could lift his leg up. But when he came back he was just so excited to sit there and show me that he can lift his leg over his knee. That’s the one thing he wanted to show me, which he couldn’t do before.”

“I was diagnosed in 2009 with benign MS. This quickly became rediagnosed and became relapsing-remitting, which meant that my leg gave away for no apparent reason whatsoever and that I will just end up falling on the floor. I chose Swiss Medica for the simple reason that there’s nothing else in the UK. I then started to look on the internet again for private clinics again in the UK, but there’s absolutely nothing. So that was when I thought, OK, I’ll look abroad, I’ll look elsewhere and I found Swiss Medica, found their website, everything sounded absolutely perfect, so I took it from there. I applied and had a reply straight away and it was absolutely brilliant. I was struggling with bowel and urinary problems that meant that I wouldn’t go out as often as I’d like to do, because it restricted everything that I did. My walking was becoming consistently worse, I was only really able to walk for up to 5 minutes and that was with a walking stick and with an ankle brace, so it was really starting to affect my life. I was feeling that I was an 80-year-old in the 50-year-old body and now I feel like I’m a 50-year-old again and it has made so much difference. I am able to walk further, and it’s still not perfect, but I’m 80% better from my admission and that to me is enough, I’m more than happy with that. It has changed my life and you really can’t put a value on that to anybody. I would recommend it and I do recommend it to anybody.”

“Before the treatment, I had to hold on to the handrail and literally pull myself up, because my leg wouldn’t bend and it wouldn’t give me enough power. Now I can walk.”

“This is where I keep my walking aids. First one is my ankle brace, which as you can see, I no longer need. It was quite obstructive, it stopped a lot of movement, but it was very good when I needed it. Then I also got my walking stick, which again, I no longer use.”

Multiple Sclerosis Treatment Results After Stem Cell Therapy at Swiss Medica

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Multiple Sclerosis Treatment Results After Stem Cell Therapy at Swiss Medica
Dr. Aleksandra Fetyukhina, MD

Medical Advisor, Swiss Medica doctor

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