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Detoxification therapy (EDTA-Chelate-Therapy)

The ambulant rehabilitation treatment consists of an infusion therapy with various minerals, vitamins and the chemical agent EDTA. Heavy metals such as lead, cadmium, mercury and palladium, and the light metal calcium become bonded to the agent and are excreted by the kidneys. EDTA prevents the production of free radicals by removing metal catalysts. Arteriosclerosis is prevented through this and apart from this, cell functioning is reconditioned and excess calcium is removed. The calcium that is bonded to albumin is not affected and decalcification of bones does not take place. Quite frequently, one can partly or completely abstain from certain medicines during or after successful EDTA-treatment. Areas of use in detoxification therapy in case of general hardening of arteries (cerebral and peripheral), in case of consequences of diabetes mellitus, in case of macular degeneration of the eye after surgery of peripheral or heart blood vessels, for improvement in symptoms of multiple sclerosis, for improvement in symptoms of Parkinson’s disease, in case of potency disorders caused by calcification blood vessels or blood circulation problems, in case of tinnitus, dizziness and fatigue, in case of varicosities, in case of Alzheimer’s disease and forgetfulness, for lowering the cholesterol level and blood pressure.

Carrying out the detoxification therapy: the EDTA therapy consists of 3-6 infusions in an interval of 1-4 weeks or according to medical prescription. Each infusion lasts for about 3-4 hours. The EDTA-treatment method can be used together with other therapies for diseases involving blockage of arteries.

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