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Weight loss treatment with stem cells

Client: N. Conarella

Country: Italy

Being a self-respecting woman who is on a continual diet, my interest was immediately piqued. How in the world can adult stem cells help in losing weight?

Now, I am glad I read information on this website. I am a huge skeptic as far as promises of weight loss are concerned. You know those ads which promise that you can just take a pill and the weight will fall off in your sleep? As far as I’m concerned, there are two things which bring about weight loss: consumption of fewer calories and exercise. The last one helps the most, especially if you go to the gym every day for 1 hour minimum. Exercises serve mostly to shape body muscles and keep fit and healthy.

I made a decision to undergo a stem cells therapy and that was the right choice and definitely on time. It perfectly helped me to lose weight, feel better and healthier, look younger, and have a lot of energy and be in a really good mood. I wake up every day happy to see myself in the mirror. I smile all day long and share my good mood with people.

Thank you Swiss Medica for the great job and good luck to new patients.

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Our primary task is to make your own cells treat your own body. We use advanced technology to activate mesenchymal stem cells derived from adipose tissue, bone marrow, etc. Donated cells can also be used. Introduced to the patient’s body, these cells help to regenerate damaged tissue. Symptoms become less obvious and/or disappear.

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