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Autism treatment Center Swiss Medica True Story
  • Trattamento dell’Autismo con Cellule Staminali
  • Daniel from England
Multiple Sclerosis Treatment Results After Stem Cells Treatment
  • Trattamento della Sclerosi Multipla con Cellule Staminali
  • Shaun Lawrence from UK
Stem Cell Treatment for Stroke at Swiss Medica
  • Trattamento dell’ictus e Riabilitazione con Cellule Staminali
  • Carl Ayres from UK
Patient from Ireland with ALS Stem Cells Treatment Experience
  • ALS Treatment with Stem Cells
  • Seamus Mead from Southern Ireland
Parkinson’s Disease Treated With Stem Cells
  • Trattamento del Morbo di Parkinson con Cellule Staminali
  • Francesco from Italy
Therapy for COPD Patient
  • Trattamento della BPCO con Cellule Staminali
  • Luciana Pieratti from Italy
Cure for Lyme Disease – Stem Cells Treatment
  • Trattamento con le cellule staminali della malattia di Lyme
  • Tahlia Smith from Australia
Dementia Stem Cells Treatment Results
  • Trattamento della Demenza con le Cellule Staminali
  • Margater from UK
Rheumatoid Arthritis Stem Cells Treatment
  • Trattamento dell’Artrite con Cellule Staminali
  • Karin from Lindau, Germany
Diabetes Type 2 Treated With Stem Cells
  • Terapia con Cellule Staminali per il Diabete di Tipo 2
  • Bee Leng Lim from Singapore
MS Diagnosis Stories: Relapsing Remitting Multiple Sclerosis
  • Trattamento della Sclerosi Multipla con Cellule Staminali
  • Carla from UK
Therapy for Alzheimer’s Patient
  • Alzheimer’s Disease Treatment with Stem Cells Therapy
  • Mrs. Randy from Norway
Progressive Supranuclear Palsy Stem Cells Treatment
  • Trattamento Dell’atassia con le Cellule Staminali
  • Maria from Italy
Autistic Child Patient from Romania – Stem Cells Therapy Experience
  • Trattamento dell’Autismo con Cellule Staminali
  • Paul Pufu from Romania
Cirrhosis Stem Cell Treatment
  • Cirrosi Epatica – Clinica per il Trattamento con le Cellule Staminali
  • Oscar Cardenas from USA


Francesca P.

This winter my father flew out to Swiss Medica in Slovenia to treat his type 2 diabetes. His treatment ...

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John H.

With my Relapsing-Remitting MS (EDSS 6.0) condition, I did not have many options regarding treatment, so I decided to ...

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Joseph J.

An amazing facility with a great staff. i have been to the clinic in Moscow 3 times and my ...

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Sébastien V.

My father has MS. He was diagnosed 10 years ago. He had 2 or 3 attacks per year in ...

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Nikolina K.

My husband has MS. He was diagnosed 10 years ago. The disease had progressed for the last year. We ...

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Dan P.

Our daughter she's from born with profound hypoacusia and we had only one option the cochlear implant.But after research ...

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